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  1. have anyone here deal with their costumer service yet? how's their warranty like? i'll soon buy a beretta neo and just wandering how are them. i have deal with glock, s&w, and hi point before (btw, s&w costumer service and tech support sucks).
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    The only contact ive had with berettas warranty/service dept was when my 9000S KB'd about four years ago. It ended up being the fault of ultramax ammo but beretta refused to warranty the repairs even though it was less than three months old. I ended forking out close to 300 bucks until beretta, ultramax and my lawyer spent three months hashing it out. When i called in with a problem the first words out of the reps mouth after i told him the gun had exploded was "OK, well we're not responsible for this, and you'll have to pay until we can ascertain the problem." Now that instills confidence in a company.


  3. I didn't like the company much anyway because of what I heard about the 92FS/M9 not holding up very well to extended use.