Best 100yrd + group with 995?

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  1. I'm looking for some results on 100 yard groups or farther. I've been working on some super hot ammo for the 995 lately and i'm getting to the point were I can start adjusting the load for accuracy instead of speed. I was wondering what kind of group you get with your 995 at 100 yards or more.

    What I'd like to do it keep it on a peice of paper at 333yards or 1000ft. With the reloads I've been playing with if the accuracy it's garbage they will only have a 30inches drop between 100yrds and 333.
  2. Alright so any one shoot these things at 25 yards. Just looking for some group sizes and range.

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    Sorry man, I've got a 4095 that I regularly shoot at 75 yards otherwise I would get you some data. Other than that I'll throw in a shameless bump for you.
  4. I shoot mine at 50 yards. On a paper plate all day long.

    At 100 yards it is lobbing rounds in. certainly not what it is designed for. I know that is not what you asked.

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    this is from last year with my 995TS and using a borrowed 5x magnifier behind my SightMark Ultra shot Pro Spec NV reflex red dot . The target was at 100yrds and as you can see i punched quite a few holes thru it


    this was at 50yrds and once i started seeing a hole open up i kept hitting that area of the target and end result was one big hole LOL!!!!

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    25 yards, standing unsupported, red dot.
    As you can see, ammo makes a difference.

    One issue with the long shots, 9 mm will be starting supersonic, but will probably fall past the threshold, ending up subsonic. That makes stuff wobble all over, so groups will suffer.

  7. Hmmm I'm not sure what it will be at a 1000ft as I haven't looked it up yet but I can tell u at the muzzle its gonna be around 1800fps.
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    If you use 115 grain at 1800 fps, I get you going subsonic at around 200 yards, dropping over 66 inches at 300 yards.

    It could be pretty ugly.:p

    Your Input Variables
    Ballistic Coefficient 0.14
    Velocity (ft/s) 1800
    Weight (grains) 115
    Maximum Range (yds) 500
    Interval (yds) 50
    Zero Range (yds) 100

    Ballistics Results
    Muzzle. 1800 827 -1.5
    50 1558 620 1.1 -2
    100 1349 465 0
    150 1182 357 -5.8
    200 1064 289 -17.9 8
    250 983 247 -37.6 1
    300 922 217 -66.4 2
    350 871 194 -105.3
    400 828 175 -155.47
    450 789 159 -218.8
    500 753 145 -296.1

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    500yrds ..


    1k yrds ..

  10. Bullet weight is 130gr which makes a big difference in momentum out to this range. According to hornadys ballistic calculator the bullet will be going between 975fps and 950fps at 333yards or 1000ft.

    To stay supersonic at 1000ft it would need to leave the muzzle at 2000fps and as much as I would like to be able to do that I don't think that is possible even at crazy high pressures, I just don't think you can jam enough powder into the case.
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    According to my ballistic app that's only 0.5 inch drop at 100 yards with 1423fps and 585 ft-lbs remaining.
    That's pretty impressive for a 9 mm.
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    Just got back from the range with the 995. The group sizes where better then I'd hoped, 25yds, 5 shot, about 1.5" and 100yds about 5" with the factory iron (plastic) sight. None of my 9mm bullets tumbled at 100yds. This guns a keeper. Using a variety of 9mm ammo including reloads there haven't been any jams or failure to feeds. I got a kick out of having smaller groups then guys with 1500.00 45acp match pistols using a 50.00 carbine.
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    To be fair, it's a lot easier to shoot good groups with a peep sight and a 15+ inch sight radius, compared to the 4-5 inches of open sights on pistols.;)

    But yes, it's very satisfying.:D
  14. Well with more testing no matter how much powerpistol I jam into a case I can only average 1700fps. So that will have to be good enough.

    Shot 5 rds for accuracy at 25 yards off the hood of my truck before I left and the group was 2 1/2 inches with one flyer. I'm not sure how u figure that group at 333yards but I'm guessing it's huge. Need to do some sand bag testing.