best 115gr 4 s/d?

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    i shoot from a 3.9 inch 9mm and hit best with 115 gr. the only 115 gr. jhp listed for s/d on the sticky (by the glock man) is the barnes xpb bullet. this appears to be the same bullet on the corbon dpx 115 gr +p jhp bullet?

    does this mean that the best 115 gr bullet for s/d is the corbon dpx +p jhp? is it superior to the +p+ winchester ranger 115 gr. yellow box? are there other 115 grainers that should be considered?

    there are so many brands in this exact caliber and grain. which one is the best for s/d? any info would be appreciated.

  2. Have you tried 124? Not only does that open your options up a lot more, but Federal makes the HST in 124, which is IMO the best SD round on the market bar none.

  3. I'd like to give the Fed HST a shot and ordering is cheaper than store. BUT most sights I've found say for LE use only. I found one site once that said they had order cancel so they could sell to civi's....... not sure the truth.

    Are there limits on who? Where might one get some 9MM?
  4. Federal labels it that, but you can get it as a civvie. Same with pre-ban hi-cap mags. They're labeled "LEO use only".
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    thanks for the replies but so far none of them address the questions in my original post.