Best 9mm handguns...

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  1. About damn time we start getting Kudos for what we already knew was true!

  2. Sweet! and like Primal said... About time!
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    You are starting to see more and more positive articles on Hi Point. I guess people are finally starting to shoot them instead of just saying they are cheap and ugly so they must be crap. Yea, about time!
  4. neothespian

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    Added my .02 into the guestbook. Actually was a sensible list and they were guns I have acutally shot!! Truly a real-world list.
  5. 69burbon

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    Ah crud,

    The secrets out guys, now we'll have to share. Oh well I guess I can live with it.

    All kidding aside, good post and great comments. I've almost got my one buddy talked into selling his Glock19 and getting 2 Hi-Points. He'd be more accurate throwing that Glock than shooting it. We take both guns to the range and the C-9 out shoots them all.
  6. Ridge

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    I have two buddies who are is USMC and carries an XD9, the other is US Army and owns himself a .50AE Deagle...

    They both fully enjoyed my 995 when we went shooting and were saying they wanted one...hows that for a compliment...two people who spend their days with M16s and M60s enjoying a $150 9mm carbine! :)
  7. Now that's a quote I like!
  8. Glad to see my M&P is getting a bit more credit..........I love my sigma to just the M&P looks meaner and has a better trigger.