Best AK variant for the money ?

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    Got a feeling we may be returning to 1994 with a ban on pistol gripped rifles pretty soon. Always loved the "Grunt Proof" AK. Shopping for a good semi auto AK in 7.62 that takes the old Norinco etc 30 Rd Mgs.
    I like the Century Arms but heard bad things about quality. I like the short and thin wood work on this one, as that is like the real AK's... I even prefer the stamped receiver for weight purposes (but could go forged).
    Any recommendations, or opinions pro and con regarding a good Semi AK in the $300 to $500 range...
    I know opinions can lead to arguments ... I don't want that, but will listen to all who respond.. Thanks in advance...
  2. I have a WASR built by century, and have had zero problems with it. Probably have gone through 700 rounds or so. Jus my 2 cents !!


  3. Anything milled Bulgarian 101S:


    It IS a little more than your target of $500 though...paid $600 otd back in '03...don't know what they go for now.

    I've had SAR1's...preban Chicoms...WASR's (ugh)...this was my favorite and the only one I kept... 8)
  4. Wasrs are cool, bad rep but seem to be fine. Have heard alot of good to go along with the bad, especially with the century builds. But my money is going into a Saiga this holiday. Russian made and outstanding quality. 223, 7.62x39, 308, 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 410.... lots of option!
  5. Had I known when I bought my WASR what I know now about the Saiga, I would have saved the money and bought a Saiga. I love my WASR, don't get me wrong, but for downright quality, I think the Saigas got the WASR's beat.
  6. I heard that Poly Tec. are good.
  7. 250-300 for a Saiga in 7.62x39

    Check for all things AK, even Blinged out hard chromed under folders.

    Here's the prices on Saigas:
    SAIGA... 7.62X39.....16.3" BBL... SYN.......$249.95
    SAIGA... .223 CAL...16.3" BBL... SYN......$259.95
    SAIGA... .308 CAL......16.3"BBL... SYN....$329.95
    SAIGA..... .410GA .......21.5"BBL.....SYN...$249.95
    SAIGA......20 GA........ 19"BBL.......SYN.....$299.95
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    I think the mak90 (type 56 chicom) The Mak90 has a thicker receiver and barrel then the WASR and it also has a double hook trigger. If it needs to be new I like the Saiga
  9. My AK is a Romanian WUM 1, and I am very happy with its appearance and quality.

    I got it during the clinton ban years and it has the draganov cut out stock, which I happen to like.
  10. LOOVE the draganov stock! I would flip out if Saiga would make a 7.62x54, I would slap the first draganuv stock I could find on it.
  11. I hear ya. I have the AK, the Romak 3 and now the Saiga 12 with the draganov style stocks on them.

    A lot of people dont like them but I sure do

    Its strange that Saiga makes a 30-06, but not a 7.62x54R considering that they are a Russian company and the 54R is a Russian round. :shock:
  12. You would think it only made sense...
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    Thanks all very much ... is the Romanian WASR from Century a 'Stamped' receiver ... and again, thanks
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    yes stamped...
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    where can i get that stock :)
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    Why not do it with a Saiga in .308? That's my plan. Good round, good gun, and comparable to the x54.

    My AK is a Saiga in x39, and would tell the original poster that's my preference. But there's some work to be done to pistol grip them properly. There are some pistol grip stocks out there for them.

    The WASR seems to be a popular gun with no more bad things than you hear about popular guns. A WASR here is about $450 and is going up.

    I paid $225 OTD for my Saiga and it was probably a bit high at the time, for a used gun anyway. But well worth it, probably my favorite gun overall.

    Here it is now...



    My next one will be in .308, and I'll do a Dragunov copy.
  17. 308 is just a whole lot more for the ammo from what I've seen.
  18. K-Var has a similar stock set. I THINK that's where mine came from.
  19. You can get a Pistol grip skeleton stock for any saiga except the S100 which is the 30-06 version.

    It runs about 75 and has a built in padded cheek pad that will rotate for left or right hand shooters.

    Google saiga skeleton stock and they are everywhere

    some people say that since it has the built in pistol grip that it adds a foreign part to the count

    russian made, do not count as US parts for 922r