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    Looks like I'll be needing a cell phone soon and don't have any experience in this. I'm trying to find the best company with inexpensive rates. Unlimited calling would be nice but not sure how expensive the monthly rate can get. Also looking for places that offer free phones or something under $25. Any ideas?
  2. Most providers will give a basic cell free with 1 or 2 year contracts. I have had nothing but trouble with T-Mobile, so I'd say stay away from them. Most of my family is with Verizon, so I think I might be switching to them soon. I have Sprint at work, and it's great, but we are a big corporate account, so I think that helps a lot. I'd say Sprint or Verizon would be your best bet; the CDMA system has been around for years and it just works. T-Mobile and ATT/Cingular are GSM, which is what the UK uses, and at least over here, it just doesn't work as well as CDMA.

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    If you just want unlimited calling, check to see if you have Cricket service in your area (if you live with a high concentration of illegals, you're probably covered). The service only covers you while you're in your "home area" though, so if you do any traveling, it's not a great option. The phones are also garbage.

    If you want high-quality service, nice phones, internet, etc.

    Look into the Sprint "SERO" plan. I pay $30/mo for 500 daytime min, free nights and weekends (nights start at 7:00pm), unlimited texting, and unlimited high-speed internet. I'm writing this from my phone right now, as a matter of fact.

    Check out the 'HTC Mogul' phone, it's freaking sweet!

    If you need more daytime min, there are other "SERO" plans to choose from with more min.
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    I travel alot for work. I've been going up and down Oregon this whole month and I like to make sure my coworkers and family are driving safely with the weather we're getting. The SERO plan sounds about what I'm looking for. I'll check that out, thanks.
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    No problem. There's a thread that gives full details on how to sign up, and what other rebates you can get.

    Compmanio, I had Verizon for a little over 2 years. My wife signed us into a contract just before we got married. The service was average. The customer service was downright horrible. The plan we had sucked. We were paying $80 per month to SHARE 500 min, and 500 texts.

    Now we each have a SERO phone, with great coverage, great customer service is about what I'd expect from a cell-phone carrier (average).

    We have unlimited high-speed internet, unlimited texting, unlimited picture messaging, 500 daytime min (each), Sprint mobile-to-mobile, nights and weekends starting at 7:00, and to top it all off, we also have the accident/loss insurance on both phones. We pay about $5 per month LESS than we were paying at Verizon.

    I absolutely loath Verizon for the way they treated me as a customer, and I will NEVER own another Verizon plan again.

    ...just a heads up.
  6. Lovin my verizon service. Have been with them for a long time. They have what's called new every 2, after 2 years, you renew your contract and they give you 100 bucks on top of they new contract prices of phones. Really cool. Everyone loves or hates one big name or another. I worked for sprint and verizon, both good companies. Altel used to suck, but they seem to have come around. Really it comes down to who has the best coverage in your area. You could go with the best company in the world, but if you never have service whats the point? Ask around about who gets what kinda service.
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    I've used Cricket for almost 8 years now with none of the compliants and problems that most people blame on using a Cricket phone.

    I don't have a cheap phone, quite the contrary actually. I use a Nokia, forget the make, but it's a 2mega pixel camera, shoots video, and is an MP3 player also. I chose it over the RAZR because I like Nokias and have had good luck with them in the past.

    As for the calling areas, Cricket plans give you unlimited calling in ANY Cricket area, not just the one you sign up in. You can also add roaming minutes which is comparable in price to paying roaming charges on most other plans.

    Like I said, I've used them for almost 8 years now, same number, but a couple different plans. I just changed my plan again recently. I was in a situation where I needed a phone that worked everywhere, not just in my area. The new unlimited plans work nationwide with roaming, and have true unlimited calling in any Cricket area. I looked hard at the other companies when I made the change. Cricket seemed to be the best for me.

    My phone service is as good as any other, and my phone works and doesn;t work in the same places most folks have problems with cell service. I get better reception than my friends verizon services most of the time, at least here.

    Here's a link to the website just to check it out. no contracts, no obligations, buy a phone and use it.
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    I complain about T-mobil as they didn't work in the small town in the middle of now were. Milford Kasnsas other than that fine.

    I complain about sprint as I have them now and see all the other better deals they have. Plus no broadband out here.

  9. Nokia maybe?
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    Cricket may have changed since I had them a couple of years ago (their available plans are rarely the same two days in a row). But their areas of coverage are very spotty. Even if you do have roaming, you have to pay for it. For someone who travels a lot, Cricket is probably not a good choice.

    If you're a homebody, then cricket is okay. You do have to pay for your own phone though, so yes, there ARE nicer phones, but the ones under $100 tend to be very crappy.
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    Myself and RFH, along with the majority of the family have Verizon. I have an aunt who has suncom's "Unplan" and it's great, if she can get a signal to call out! Her phone dies when the buildings are over 20 ft tall.

    I have no complaints with verizon. I have the Env, silver with a 1gb micro SD card, i've got songs, vids, photos, and ringtones all on my card... a good investment for any phone a micro SD card is.
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    Is the thread here on HPFF?
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    T-Mobile DOES have lousy coverage outside urban areas, but if most of your work and life are in the Cities and suburbs, I would honestly suggest T-Mobile. The customer service is actually pretty good, and they've got a great selection of phones. Also, they're a GSM network, which means that if you want to buy a new phone and you're not up for your upgrade, you can buy a T-Mobile phone anywhere, throw your SIM card into it, and you're good to go! Their rates are good and have decent family plans.

    I have Verizon, and HATE it! But, it's the only network with decent coverage up here in Northern AZ. Customer service is horrible, technical problems plauge their software and their training is so far behind, the guy AT THE STORE didn't know they were selling a new touchscreen phone, yet it was on their kiosk!

    As for the "free" intro phones, I would actually suggest to stay away from them. They're the cheapest of the cheap in most cases, and have only the most basic features. This also means they sacrifice signal strength for longer battery life or weight (in order to give the image of innovation). I prefer my bone basic Blackberry 7250 that has been around since 2005 over the "free" samsung flipphone I got when I signed up. The camera is merely a toy w/the crappy resolution, the OS is cumbersome and the signal strength is pretty damned weak. With T-Mobile, I also had one of those "free" phones before I upgraded to my Blackberry with them, and had similiar problems including very flimsy plastic. Most of the free phones are bulk buys and are usually considered "Gateway" phones, with the company expecting you to upgrade ASAP to get away from the crap or to get it on the family plan for the kids.
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    My wife and I have the free Sprint phone as we only need a phone to call and get called.

    The rest of the bells and whistles are not our thing.

    Yes the wife can take great pics on her phone( I don't even know how as you need to be a rocket scientist to use half this stuff.

    We cancled the web stuff cause People Kept sending us pictures and text messages day in and day out.

    If you wan to talk to me, Meet me hear on the forum or come visit, And if you are comming over give me a fast call.

    If gramma is in the hospital give me a call.

    If you want to know how my day went, Screw off.

    I think 1inthechamber most likely only wants the phone for its most basic design. To ring when someone needs him.

    To make the call when he needs someone else.

    And it is not for the wife to ask to pick up a gallon of milk. Thered better be more than this woman.

    Just my take.

    All that texting a surfin the web. Gettin lost in vertual reality. The people that cant put the dang thing down for more than a minute or they start to sweat.
  15. I personally love t-mobile. Was a longtime Verizon customer, they started shafting me, so I dropped them like a hot potato. Nothing but good things to say about T-Mobile, even friendlier than Verizon (which is pretty damn good). I'm not going to switch anytime soon unless they give me a reason (plus my bill is now half that of Verizon, and with twice the features).
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    My problem is that I have yet to see a "free" phone that has decent reception. Most of the time they cut out and just feel cheaply made. My Samsung get scared by deep canyons, but the other phones with a larger battery does a bit better. There is something to be said about power :p

    If you have a selection of lower price phones, seriously ask about battery size and output, and if you have a choice, get the phone with the most power output. This usually equals better power to the antenna.
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    You should check out the Nokia phones. For a basic, no frills phone, they're awesome. And they're virtually bullet proof! I can't tell you how many times I dropped any on of my Nokias. It popped apart into about 5 pieces, and when snapped back together, it worked just like new. Seriously!
  18. My free "intro" phone with T-Mobile was a Nokia phone (don't remember the model # but it was the one with the flashing light panels on the side) and it worked really well actually. The camera was only so-so, but it was back when camera phones were just really taking off. But the big thing was I almost never had any kind of a problem making/receiving phone calls.....the thing was just a brick and never failed to work. Now, when I renewed my contract and "upgraded" to my phone I have now, which is a Samsung flip phone, I can't make any calls, T-Mobile refuses to help me with anything and even after contacting the BBB refuses to acknowlege there is any problem whatsoever. So now they have one more negative mark on their file with the BBB (like it matters, they have horrible feedback through there anyways and are NOT a member) and a very dissatisfied customer who will be switching away from their service as soon as I can find something better.
  19. My plan gave me a T-Mobile Dash for $150 (now it's down to $100). Great phone... you can also get the Wing for about $250 I think. It's just like an I-phone; touch screen and everything. Check it out.