"Best" Cleaning regimen?

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    I am *sure* this has been covered in various prior topics, but I'd like to hear from others what their specific cleaning regimen is for handguns and rifles - the tools and cleaners you use and steps you follow.

    I am faily new to guns, see all sorts of products of which I am sure many are a waste of time and/or money. Since I'd rather spend money on bullets and guns, I'd like to know first hand what really works...
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    This is how I clean my handguns/long gun: Every week.
    If I carry them, I "Weapon Wipe" then before going to bed.
    Here's what I do for handguns:

    First, get my newspaper, Break Free w/ CLP, 3 in 1 Oil, Weapon Wipes, Q-Tips, awl, and and old stiff toothbrush.
    Lay out the work area with the newspaper...
    I'll get the guns that I intend to clean at the time...
    I usually try to clean all of the firearms in one straight shot... :lol:


    Take the slide off of the pistol,
    spray the chamber,
    down the barrel,
    top of frame
    and then the magazine well.

    I spray for about 1 sec into the chamber (Down barrel),
    then wet the frame with this stuff.
    Spray your bore brush,
    then go on to brush the barrel,
    special attention to the chamber area.
    When I'm content on brushing, i will stop, swab the barrel then jag the barrel.

    Spray some on your cleaning toothbrush and inside your slide,
    Then get in all of the nooks and crannies on the frame and slide,
    special attention to the slide rails, don't forget the magazine well.
    When you are content with the toothbrush, for me i use an oversized patch and wipe up all residue, there's usually plenty to find with Q-Tips and toothpicks also.

    Before i assemble the weapon i put a light coat of 3-in-1 oil down the barrel.

    Then I wipe her down with a weapon wipe. (My hands are very acidic)

    Though with the product's directions, no disassembly is required, all you have to do is spray your firearm down, and it will clean and remove all fouling and whatnot, then evaporate and leave no residue. I like my more hands on technique myself, plus this stuff was not cheap, so i think my way is more economic. :)[/quote]

  3. I use Outers foaming bore cleaner and Break Free CLP.
  4. Blue Wonder on a patch and jag after brushing with the Blue Wonder.
    CLP and a toothbrush w q-tips
    Oil and graes from Gun Butter
    Hoppes Elite oil down the bore on a patch
    Wipe down with Outens gun rag