Best deal on Lee Anniversary Press Kit?

Discussion in 'Reloading Room' started by rimfirehunter, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Getting ready to order a Lee Anniversary O-Frame Kit and would like to find the best deal on the kit, dies and perhaps a second press or hand press.

    I dont want a progressive loader and specifically looking for the above make/model. So far I have checked out Natchez, MidSouth, Cabela's, Wideners and Midway. Anyone have any more links to share for reloading items I am looking for.

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    Got mine from Natchez..........good folks and good prices

    I really like the Lee Anniversary kit and the dies. I have 40 S&W and 7mm08 dies. I had some questions about a new product, emailed Lee, and got an immediate reply from John Lee the company president. I have shot my reloads in my 4095, and have had very good success with them.

    Like Hi Point the Lee product line is great quality for the price.


  3. I like Lee dies as well. I also have their powder measure (cheap and very effective), the shell holder set, the primer tool (and matching shell tools for that) and I have been plenty happy with all taht.
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    +1 For Lee

    I think Lee products will be very popular with folks on this site. Just like Hi-Point Lee products deliver an excellent value to the customer for the price.

    I use almost exclusively Lee reloading products now, and I have been really happy with them.

    As far as the best place to get Lee products, I have ordered most of mine from Midway. I have bought dies off the shelf at Cabelals though, and have noticed some pretty good sales on the Lee products at Cabelas from time to time. I did order from one of the others that you mentioned there and after 2 weeks my order haden't even shipped yet. I got a refund and went to Midway. Midway has been lightning fast on shipping to me, they are in Missouri and I am in MN and I get my stuff in 2-3 days ARO with standard shipping.

  5. IMHO I would go with Cabela's or Midway. Both companies are excellent and treat their customers well. Midway ships faster. Cabela's is a little cheaper for overall pricing (item's plus shipping).

    I purchase most of my components from Cabela's.

    I get powder and primers from Powder Valley.
  6. natchez and midway are the two cheapest places. natchez is slightly cheaper but with higher shipping, midway is a couple bucks more but cheaper shipping.