Best friday ever!

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  1. Well OK maybe not ever, (my kid was born on a friday) but close. It was the 1st official come watch Paint Your Wagon night in my buddies home theatre (that I got roped in to helping build) on the 100" screen. So I go up early so buddy, my boy and me can make the trek to Dunham's so I can score a WASR.

    So after like an hour and a half trip thanks to horrible traffic thanks to a closed bridge they fear will fall down we get there. They have 4 7.62x39s left AND they are on sale for $249 down from the $329 they told me over the phone!!!! Add in the fact that Wolf ammo was $4.99 a box and it's party time. The my buddy decieds to get a "spare" AK to sell later or more probably, pimp the hell out of.

    Out the door AK and 100rds ran me @294.19. When we get back to his house he tucks away his new AK in the garage to avoid the "why did you need a second ak?" and "you know the rule, you get a gun I get purse" conversations. He does bring in 2 boxed gun cases he picked up for his dad. His wife asks about the boxes and my kid goes "Oh those must be their matching AKs" So now my buddy is busted and I'm in trouble as well because I was with when he bought it. So I had to explain the "you never rat out a guy to his wife when he buys a gun" rule.

    Then we watched the always great Paint Your Wagon and called it a night. I've been cleaning it for a while and have it ready to shoot but it still needs cleaning. I should have it opened up for hi-cap in the next week or so as well as grind down the grip because that thing is way too deep. Then it's just a coat or 2 of shellac and I'm done. Till I buy the quad rail thing for the front.

    And I request a days leeway on gunny, my pos camera gets about 2 pics per set of AAAs so I need to get some later today and then I will post pics
  2. Sounds like a very good day!

  3. Awesome prices!!

    Sounds like a good day indeed.

    Have fun and start buying ammo like crazy. Put it away and don't shoot it all up. You will thank me for that advice someday.
  4. Thats a great price for an AK if its a double stack gun?
  5. Did you sing along with Clint? :mrgreen:

    Oh yeah, congrats on the new rifle :wink:

  6. +100000000
  7. Nice score! All that and a good movie to boot! :D
  8. I know PYW almost at well as the classic Star Wars movies.

    So yes, yes I did. :D

    And here is a pick of the AK

    Man does that thing have a ton of nooks to clean out.
  9. Ari

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    Congrats enjoy it. You got to love an AK

    Buy lots of mags and start stocking up on ammo :D

  10. That's hilarious, but everyone has to learn the rule sometime right? Hope it didn't get the guy in too much trouble.
  11. Sweeeeet. I would have been like "no, they're both mine, he's just holding it for me". Didn't work for my friend when he tried to use that to explain some "whacky tobbaccy" his mom found, but it's worth a shot lol.
  12. I would have tried that but my kid was very clear that we each bought our own AKs. Plus his wife is WAY too used to both of us for that to have worked. We both got "the look" and se pointed out that right now that put her 3 purses behind on the gum/purse ratio.
  13. Wow, We were looking at THe Armory and the were just a bit higher on the mags but shipping is 2x as much as Aim and Aims ammo prices are better as well. They will be getting my business big time.