Best/Good holster for the .380acp?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm new to this forum. I pick-up my new Hi Point .380 ACP at the dealer tomorrow and really look forward to getting to know it and use it. It's been a long time since I shot a pistol.

    I was looking for suggestions as to what's a good belt holster for this handgun. I will need one next month when I go for hand gun qualification/training for a concealed permit. Thanks, Jim
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    +1 on the Alien Gear. i use their 1st Gen IWB holster and love it. Looking to get the new neoprene one soon, and also the OWB one. Well made, great price, awesome warranty.

    Hermit mentioned the ones directly from Hi Point, and I have heard good things about them.

    Here's a thread I started a while ago with some toehr holsters, too. One of these days I'll get around to finishing it
  4. Thanks for the good suggestions guys. Picked up my new HP 380 today and will get to use it at the concealed handgun permit class on August 2. Thanks Jim
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    While others may tell you different, holsters for guns are pretty much a matter of personal preference. There is an incredibly wide range of styles as well as prices for suitable holsters for your new HiPoint CF380.
    I have a couple but the one THAT I THINK IS THE BEST is the one that HiPoint has made for them by Galco. It's a OWB, paddle type with an active retention system.
    It's not incredibly concealable with Summer time clothing but with a loose shirt or lightweight jacket it conceals fairly well (for a HiPoint).
    I believe that they run ~$25 and that includes S&H.
    If you prefer the IWB type, I've found the Uncle Mike's sz 15 or 16 to work well for the HiPoint CF380 & C9. For a right handed shooter, the lefty versions of these will work for small of the back concealment. Sorry, I don't have any pics for these. They usually run ~$15 or less.
    Again, it's personal preference, you have to "try some on for size". Have fun with your new CF380.
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