best HD handgun ???

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  1. first one has foul language towards the end



    I really want to see this first hand!!!
  2. Well I am just not sold. Since when is birdshot a good self defense weapon? There certainly would be no reason to use a .410 slug as defense when you have a 45LC chamber. In the video, the guy shoots birdshot out of the car window. What if the attacker covers his face, then returns fire? You are in doodoo.

    The natural response is that you can use buckshot. When is the last time you saw a 2.5 inch buckshot in .410? As far as I am aware, it isn't easy to get your hands on. You will not find it at Walmart or normal retailers. Don't be fooled either when you read that the Judge is 3". That is a barrel length, and Not the cylinder size.

    The 45LC has never been pushed as a good defensive round either.

    This gun is a very good snake gun for the ranch. It can use the 45LC for larger ranch predators, and the .410 birdshot for smaller. Beyond that, I don't see much use for it besides being cool and inventive.

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    i agree. great snake gun, but birdshot just isn't reliable as a defense round. the guys at the box o' truth had to rig up some 2.5" buckshot rounds. i'd post a link, but their site is down right this moment, so i'll post it later.
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    i like it but i'm a fan of Taurus. at the distance he was shooting less then 2yds even #9 shot would do a lot of damage and could easily be lethal as there would be a 1/2 oz of lead traveling over 1000fps hitting in a few inch spread and using (easily found in 410) a #4 shot in a hunting load would give more distance and knock down power, but remember most "self defense shooting" happen at a distance of less then 7yds so this set up would work well at that range. it would also have nice shot gun like characteristics for self defense like pellet spread allowing more "point and shoot" hits (even at less then 7yds about 70% of shots fired miss there target as there is no time to aim its all just "point and shoot") , and less wall penetration for safety of others (family in the next room or neighbors in the next house). for the purpose they're advertising it for I think it would work very well.
  5. Sorry boyjoe, but I could not disagree more. While #9 or #4 shot may be painful, it isn't stopping anyone. In, fact you shoot a large BG with birshot in centermass and he has a real firearm, you just ticked him off. To suggest that there is some type of knock down power with a birdshot is a very silly idea IMO. Could you please document that such a thing exists out a 3 inch barrel with birdshot?

    I understand that shooting at someone with birdshot my be a deterrent or aggrivation, but that is not acceptable in a self defense situation. There is a reason why LEOs do not carry birdshot.

    The gun is cool and fun. Taurus is a good product. This is just very far from the title of this thread as the best home defense handgun. That claim is very poor and could put people's lives in trouble.
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    +1. i'm a member at shotgunworld, check this thread and the link.
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    Any gun can kill... But you never base your defensive strategy on a head shot. The fact is there is a pretty good chance that if you run into a tough one he would have still been able to return fire.
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    Shot shells have thier place in handgun use. Killing snakes or small varmints at short range. NOT in a defensive handgun.

  9. If you want something for home defense, get a 12 gauge shotgun, preferably hi cap and preferably semi auto

    Load it up with #00 buck

    If anyone can think of anything that would do a better job, I would like to hear it.

    When it comes to defending your castle, do NOT half step.

    Pistols are for when you go to areas where you cannot carry the shotgun.
  10. I think land mines might be better, but everyone in the house has to know where the stepping stones are.
  11. If you use claymores, you can command detonate them at will and now have to worry about the family LOL
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    +1 on explosives, lol.