best legos ever

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    So I was looking for some hockey stuff on ebay... I know boo, hiss! and I thought I'd do a quick search for HP or AK stuff, just in case some sucker is giving away a stack of mags or something. Well I found a store that has some stuff that is brilliant in it's own right. Check it out for a laugh if you like legos, or if you have nothing else to do :D
  2. Do they allow the sale of Lego compatible bullet-tips so you can make your own Lego ammo for your Lego gun (legoweapon? legomag? legocartridge?)?

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    WHAT??? No Lego Hi-Points? That is preposterous. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest I could have used those back in the day. I suddenly feel shafted with my old lego collection.
  5. Im surprised anti gun Ebay will allow such violent gun related items.
  6. so those are the "evil plastic guns" that the brady bunch wants to ban.....
  7. Thats Awesome! I need to buy some for my kid even before they are concieved!
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    Makes me miss my legos...I had a 20 gallon tub full of em that i sold for like $100...all I have left is my Lego Harrier I made :)

    (I would like to point out I had no photos to work off of and this was before the model on the left, so it was totally from memory! :D)

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    look at what we are teaching our youth... errr... "kindergarten-3rd grade'ers" ... ENGINUITY!!! :lol:
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    I. Want. Them.

  11. Did any of you guys ever get your Army men set up and shoot them with your BB gun, score a good hit and holler "MEDIC!!!", and then pour ketchup on the poor bastards missing arm, leg, head, body?

    I did... What fun times those were.
  12. or take a lighter to them to simulate a Napalm attack? wow that makes me sound really twisted now that I think about it... forget I said anything... :oops:
  13. Actually, I used those really small water balloons filled with gasoline a small stick fire and a board with a nail poking out of it. Worked like a charm.
  14. nowadays, you'd be considered a "terror suspect" by the DHS and graduate from High school at Gitmo if you tried to do something like that... :cry:
  15. Heh, different time my friend. Things that we pulled off as kids would get you arrested for sure these days. I miss those times.
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    I miss those days....