Best Load for YOUR Hi-point ?

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  1. What have you reloaders found that work the best in YOUR personal 9mm,40s&w,45acp? Just a starting point for us ones that are just getting into reloading.
    Best powder ?
    Best primer ?
    Best brass ?
    Best bullet ?
    Best etc... ?
  2. Ari

    Ari Guest

    I do not get to crazy. For 9mm I take what ever brass I can find. I do not concern myself with head stamps and all that stuff. I like to use magtech primers but will use the cheapest thing I can find. I load 125gr RNL bullets made buy a local maker. I load with Unique powder. Since we do not post charge data here PM me if you want it. I keep it simple.

  3. I use whatever brass I have along with Winchester primers at 19.99 per thousand, I also use cast bullets at $59 per 1,000 delivered and I use Bullseye powder at 15.99 per lb.

    I found that Bullseye works very well in 9mm and it also uses a smaller charge which keeps costs down.

    Cost for 50 rounds about $4.43
    Cost per 1,000 rounds about $89

    This is using cast lead 115 gr RN 9mm bullets.
  4. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    I use winchester or CCI primers and red dot powder for pistol, and blue dot powder and winchester primers for carbine. i use bullets i cast myself for the most part but do buy batches of 9mm surplus bullets from hi tech from time to time.

  5. I use Bullseye powder with CCI primers and just about any 9mm cases I can find. I load the same for pistol and the 995. I have found that the groupings are very close for the way I shoot.
  6. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    i discovered if i used a red dot load in a carbine id bulge or pop cases from time to time. it also showed pressure signs on about 1/3 of the cases. Just too fast for a carbine load. Super load for the pistol though.

  7. I am with the other guys on brass... range pickups and no preference on head stamps. So far I have been using HP-38 or Unique powders. Right now I am using Winchester Small Pistol primers because I caught them on sale a while back at one of my local reloading/gun shops.

    For bullets I really like the Rainier or Berry plated rounds, but I did get a box of 500 hard cast a while back and just now getting around to testing them with my loads.
  8. I have yet to really get into reloading for 9mm, as I still have yet to send my Lees Pro 1000 back to Lees for repair. Once I get home, I'll be getting that sent off for sure, then it's on like donkey kong. :wink:
  9. Jokey

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    Berry Copper plated 124g
    Winchester std primer
    range brass
    Enough Winchester Superfield powder to get them over 1125 fps

    Using lead round nose bullets, I keep the velocity under 800 to manage leading.