Best place to buy ammo????

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    I went to walmart and for the plain white box winchesters, it's $19 for 100 rounds....does that sound normal for 100 shots of 9mm winchesters?

    That seems kind of high just to rack off some rounds at the shooting range. I'll have to pay $20 for 100 shots and range fees just to prove I can't shoot for crap. :(
  2. That sounds right for the WWB's (Winchester White Box). Wars make everything more expensive, especially ammo.
    Academy Sports has two brands that are 50 round boxes from 6 to 8.99. Puts a 100 rounds right around 14-19 bucks.
    One brand is Monarch, they are the cheapies. However, buyer beware, use the search tool at the top and do a search for monarch and read what has been said. Some C9's like them and others, like mine, don't. I bought 250 rounds of Monarchs in the steel casing for $30 and some change. About 248 of those rounds key-holed (spun on the wrong axis, nose-to-butt, making them go sideways through the target). Which for self defense leaves about a 1 inch gap, but leaves a lot to be desired for accuracy. I had holes in my target that were almost 2-3 inches. Some have said that they work great and use them every time out.
    I don't remember the other brand but they were $8.99 for 50 rounds, about the same as the WWB's.
    My Dad and I just split 500 rounds of Blazer black box for $88 plus tax plus ammo can at the gunshow. Thats about the same as WWB but, IMO, it a higher quality round. Others buy from ammoman online, don't know the site, but buying in bulk can save you some money.

    Sorry for the book.

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    thanks for the info broomhead....that helped a lot!

    I think I'm going to buy either WBB or some remingtons. I'll probably just buy 100 for now and go out shooting this coming weekend. It's a cheaper hobby than what I have now (computers)
  4. Same here for hobbies. Photography-expensive, Magic-expensive, Shooting-not as expensive.
  5. Check for some good prices on case lots delivered to your door. I've been reading up and found the cheapest way to go is to reload. I guess a guy can reload for around 7-10 cents per round, roughly half of what they cost OTC.
  6. I have never understood why people recommend He claim she has free shipping, yet his prices are $20-$30 more that other sites without shipping. Hmmmm, doesnt seem reputable to me.

    Ammoman Wolf .45 acp 230 grain 500 rounds = $149
    the-armory same for $118 + $17 shipping = $135

    just one example but most hold to be true.
  7. Here in Northern Cal, WWB @ Walmart is 13.99 for a box of 100.
  8. What????? when was the last time you priced that?
  9. I have never bought from ammoman or even shopped his website. I was merely passing on information that I had read on this site, of which was posted by others.
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    The only way I'd believe that is photo proof, when did you price that, a year ago? Wallys in Ohio are 18 and change for the last 2-3 months and prior to that were 15 and change ($15.48 I think). No way Northern California is 13.99 for WWB.
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    Paid 10.99 a box for some Wolf .40 steel case at a gunshow. (TX) Not bad for the price.
  12. Digger, the man asked for good places to buy ammo. Maybe go ahead and show us this long list of better places to buy from. I didn't say was the cheapest or the best, but a lot of people here have used them and many still suggest them.
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    This website offers unbiased and up to date deals on ammo at most of the major retailers both online and in store, also gives price per round for comparison with shipping costs added in, apples to apples comparisons.
  14. OK,OK,OK! Cut me some slack. I bought ammo last in Nov of 2007. The time before, when I bought WWB, not sure when, it was $11.99 per box of 100.
    Walmart is almost 100 miles away. We live in a small mountain town, and don't make it down the hill very often. So when at Walmart, we really stock up on averything. We don't plan to go again til July.

    I just called Walmart, in Redding CA where we shop, and 9mm WWB is $18.42 per box of 100.

    I can't believe ammo prices are changing so quickly. What the heck is going on. What are you guys paying for a brick of .22's?

    Signed, humbled and embaraced.
  15. Dont feel bad, I stocked up on ammo about a year ago, and I cant believe how much its went up
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    Wally Federal 550 is 11.97 up about 2.00.
  17. I shopped some of the sites that were suggested as alternatives to Ammoman. Most places, the shipping to my Zip Code pushed the price higher than Ammoman. :x

    The once-a-month gun show here in town has prices better than online sites even with the fuel to drive and the $7 entrance fee. 8)
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    yeah, I think I'm gonna buy 100 shots of WBB for now. I think there is a gun show coming up soon in Indianapolis which is only about 25 min. drive for me so I'll go there and scope out good bulk deals on ammo.

    Thank a million for everyones assistance on are all a great group of guys and make me proud to own a Hi-Point!
  19. Wait a minute. The guy posts a thread that is asking the best place to buy ammo. Hence the title of the thread, "Best place to buy ammo?????". So I assume he is asking the readers of this thread to post the BEST places to buy ammo. So you then post a site that you admit is not the cheapest or best place to buy ammo? How is that logical or helpful is that to the poster? I just don't get why you posted a cite that is not the best place in a thread where someone is asking for the best place. What am I missing?

    The answer to your "long" list is actually pretty easy to answer. The best place to purchase ammo all depends upon what type of ammo one is trying to purchase, and what sales are taking place at the time of purchase.

    1. AIM Surplus ( Aim is an excellent place to purchase military surplus ammo. They typically have some great deals on 7.62x54 and 7.62x25. They move a lot of surplus ammo, so if you see something you need grab it. Shipping prices are average. Last time I ordered 400 rounds of 76254r I paid $18 for shipping.

    2. Sportsman's Guide ( Sign up for their email news letter as this site has some excellent sales. The normal prices are pretty good, but wait for his sales because they are great. Shipping is pretty good. Lat time I ordered 500 rounds of .223 I paid $13 for shipping

    3. Cheaper Than Dirt. ( Not the best prices, but many times CTD has ammo that others do not. Shipping is high as well, but if they have what you need you may consider paying for it.

    4. J&G ( JG has a very large selection and is a great company for customer service. I have used them a few times and had excellent service when the order was wrong. The only problem for me is the shipping cost. Im in NH and they are in AZ, so its very steep. They will carry ammo that others don't have.

    5. Classic Arms ( While they are not a heavy ammo dealer, they so get some great deals in once in a while. It is a great dealer for C&R sutff, and you will catch some good ammo prices every once in a while.

    6. The Armory ( This is my favorite site for bulk ammo. Shipping is the lowest of all I have ordered from. The sale prices are the best that I have seen.

    That is all I have time to list. The whole point about buying ammo is that there may not be one "best place" for all types of ammo. There are many sites that you need to keep up on to find the best deals.
  20. Some things to remember about If you shoot or hoard a lot of ammo, become a member of their club and get additional savings to their regular prices.

    Search the net, and there are sites that have coupon codes for sportsmansguide and other companies.

    The ones for SMG are for various amounts, usually 5 off of 50 or more, 10 off of 100 or more and sometimes you can find free shipping codes

    It all adds up in saving bucks, especially when it is so expensive to drive around looking for ammo, the brown truck can bring it right to your door.