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Best place to sell firearm estate?

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I'm a gun guy but I've never owned more than a dozen at a time so I really don't know the answer to this. Within the year I'll be helping a friend with this father's estate including about 400 firearms of all types. Here in Wisconsin we can make private sales face-to-face but that's not practical with this amount of guns. I assume if we go to a gun shop and sell them as a lot he will basically earn a half-full bucket of warm spit for all of them.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Are there online consignment shops that might pay better than gun stores? Should we just sell them individually and as lots through an auction site like gunbroker? Thanks for your time.
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Talk to local auctioneers about their experience with gun auctions. Online timed auctions and in person auctions people are paying good money, especially older and some specific caliber guns. You could have the buyer pay a buyer premium to cover cost or auctioneer takes percentage, depends on the company. 400 guns could be split into 2 auctions, but an experienced auction company could handle 400 in a timed online auction. Where I live there at least 3 auction companies that do really good organized online auctions, I follow them, online auction seem to be the way to go.
There may be the legal matter of selling that many in one year with the ATFE. Auction sounds like a good idea to me. I'll bid $450! Okay $650!!
Selling off a gun collection does not create legal issues, now if you took that profit and built back a collection that big in short order you could get on the radar
On individual sales? There used to be a limit per year. If you made a profit you bet your ass you will need to be an FFL, or it will have to be processed through an FFL. I believe this is for ONE SALE. They recently changed the law and tightened it up.
What I came across online, just cannot remember where, is selling off your personal collection at auction is not a problem. What can become an issue is you take that money build up a collection and have a sale in maybe a year or two. When you sell your collection the intent is you are going to stop collecting, and ride off into the sunset. High volume individual sales for profit is I believe a different ballgame.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts