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  1. I'm thinking this person wanted to get the highest caliber radio reception in their car. 20200229_173333.jpg
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    7.62x54r by any chance ?

  3. If the lead were wrapped around the casing and covered in wax like a ferrite rod antenna, it may actually work well.

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    "Hi there, I probably have a gun or 2 in my car."
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  5. Looked like it to me...
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    Does he go ballistic when the radio comes on?

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    Just when he's listening to Sammy Hagar "I can't drive 55," or "VOA!"
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    That ain't gonna work...he's got both wires shorted to the casing :eek: One (positive) needs to go to the primer :popcorn:
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    Haha JC Whiddy was my go to for cheap VW and MG parts in the 70’s. :cheers:
    Always wanted one of those cats!
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