Best rounds for target shooting and home defense

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  1. So guys I need to know what the best round for target shooting and home defense. I hear about people buying round from blazer and rounds from walmart for target shooting. Now on a more serious note I need to know the absolute best round for home defense since a few years ago at 3am I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and someone broke in the front door and I was only armed with a knife since I was in the kitchen. When I had to defend myself with a knife and I was able to cut the guy but I got in a fight with the guy and I had to shoot him twice , with a 9mm in the chest he was able to still fight and get away. So now my mother is in the house with me I never want anything like this to happen again. Guess this is why I want to become a LEO to make sure this never happens to anyone else. But back to the question I don't care how much it cost as you cant put a price on your families safety.

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    For practice I would shoot the cheapest stuff that works in your weapon.. For D work see the sticky in this area!

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    Shot Placement is most important then a bullets terminal effect, any one of the recommend Duty or Self Defense loadings will serve you well. Just make sure to proof your pistol to ensure function with the load you select the practice, practice, practice!
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    +1 on that GlockMan