Best Scope for 9mm Carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by vvllbs, May 7, 2015.

  1. vvllbs

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    I'm thinking bout using a LER (pistol) scope for scout configuration
  2. hp995tsfg

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    Long Eye Relief, yep-r I had to look it up. The trigger pull is so bad on these rifles, I don't see how a scope is much use. I tried a 3x9 and it was ok at 50 yards, but my 3 MOA red dot was almost as good at 1x, easier to use too and light. I will stay tuned, maybe the pistol scope you are after might work better than the rifle scope I recently tried.

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    I can't decide what I like best.
    I already had both of these optics.

    Or this

    The Nikon scope is bright has a nice wide view. The Red dot is not as bright as the scope but it is fast to put on target.

    Keep in mind the 995 is not a target rifle. Most combat AR15 rifles have 3, 4, or 6 power optics. For the 995 carbine 3 or 4 power should work just great.
  4. Dane

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    For $60 get this firefield scope before the deal expires. LINK 2.5-10x40 with red laser!!

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    Scope for 995

    I've had really good results from this little scope. It's an HQ (Sportsman's Guide) 2.5-10x40 Dual Illuminated Scope with Green Laser and QR Mount. I think it was right at $100.00.

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  6. Fishy1

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    Here is what I ended up with on one my 995 classics. I tried the Ncstar 2-6x28 and hated it. The target at 2x magnification is smaller than with the naked eye, and it was hard to get dialed in. I love the Bushnell on this gun. It's bright and clear, easy to adjust and holds zero. My only problem is that I will need to get a LongShot Mfg. top rail upgrade so I can move the front scope ring forward one more notch. The factory rail on the classic is just a hair short to give me proper eye relief. With a TS stock this would not be an issue. I also have a TRS-25 on another 995 and can't say enough good things about it.
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  7. rfd

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    so many truly great choices abound for cheap. my personal picks are .......

    scope - bsa 2-7x32 mil dot ...

    red dot - firefield agility 1x32 red/green ...
  8. Back2School

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    LOL I went to Mom and got the "factory" red dot.
  9. ItBeMe

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    I use the open sites and a red/green dot and happier than a pig in mud.
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    got same scope LOVE IT

    Love it got same one
  11. talon

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    I use the version of this one without the built in laser. Works awesome.
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    I'll second that statement.