Best scope for an SKS?

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    The next project on my list (after the 10/22) is to upgrade my Norinco SKS. My main plan is to replace as many original parts as possible with American made versions (to stay legally compliant and 'in the black'). I already have a Monte Carlo stock and a scope-ready receiver plate (which will have to be replace because it has "made in Italy" stamped right on it).

    What is the best scope for an SKS? I know that it has to be a special short scope, but a lot of the ones I have looked at (mostly on have reviews saying that they fall apart after repeated firing.

    Thanks for the input!
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    The SKS is a really difficult rifle to scope, sure you can bolt anything you want onto it, but some people swear they will not keep a zero for beans, others have no issue. Most scopes i have seen have been mounted to the reciever cover, and this is not good because of the recoil, and having to take the cover off to properly clean the SKS every time. If it holds a zero, then you may be alright, but if it doesn't hold a zero, forget about the scope. Unless sighting in a scope every time you go to the range or clean the SKS is not a big deal, then a short eye relief scope works pretty good.

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    best scope for SKS,comrade, is no scope at all.
  4. Ari

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    Big +1 on this.... The best SKS is the stock SKS

    But if you have to the Leapers UTC is just right for SKS
  5. If I were to scope an SKS, and that's a big "if"...I'd go with a low power scout scope in place of the rear sight.
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    Ha. Well the irony of the situation is that I pretty much need a scope on it because the scope mount receiver mount interferes with sighting down the iron sights. I bought the SKS with the receiver mount on it and while I can find a ton of scope mounts for sale, I can't seem to find a plain ol' receiver plate for sale.

  7. Ari

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    I have a place you can get one PM me and when I get back on my other computer I will look it up for you
  8. very very hard to keep zero due to the mounting(unless you get the plate and have a smith put a dragunov style cam release scope mount on the receiver)

    If you want a decent scope its going to be too long and will be hit by brass, so you'll need a deflector.

    just throwing this out there, but i've got one of those leapers brand SKS receiver covers with scope mount(the arm type with rings built in, can also accept a rail attachment) laying in my parts bin. lmk if you want it.
  9. I was also going to suggest the side mount dragunov style scope plate.

    Then you can use standard russian style scopes.
  10. I am thinking about putting my scope back on mine. THough it was just a 2x
  11. I am useing a red dot BSA mountd on a gas tube replacement mount at the moment, sems to be holding zeoro/return to zero after cleanin, but I havent shot it much after I mounted it either. So I don't know if it will pass the test of time.
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    Try one of these
    I've heard nothing but good about them and plan to get one myself. Notice that its not mounted to the receiver cover but the main body of the rifle right under it so it stays in one place.
  13. +1 on the Tech Sights, but if you want to scope an SKS get a Choate scope mount. Drilling and tapping the receiver is easier than it sounds and it is solid as a tank once you're done. Of course if you're careful mounting the Choate you could have both, it's sculpted to allow you to use the irons still.....

    Choate mount:
  14. Can you still use stripper clips with the Choate mount?
  15. If you use a short enough scope you should be able to, but it will be tight. Here's a pic to show the relative position of things:


    It wasn't really an issue for me as I planned to use a detachable mag from the beginning of the build.