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  1. A buddy and I went to the gun show in Philadelphia yesterday, and he's looking to get a 995 carbine. We only find one, for $210. It was late, and we thought we could get a better price, so he passed. I told him the new stock was coming out later this year, but then again, demand and thus prices may increase the closer we get to the election.

    So what do you guys think, sooner, or later?
  2. Stan9106

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    That price might be beat, but not by much for a new one, and how gas and time are you going to spend looking? I'd say buy this one, then buy the new stock IF and when it appears. It's only supposed to cost about $35, and he will definitely get $35 worth pleasure from that carbine when he could have been waiting.

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    I just picked up my 995 two weeks ago at Dunham Sports for $169.99! Brand New. I'm not sure what you have for sporting good stores out there but check the paper for sales.

    I'm in Michigan now; used to live in Mass. If Philly is anything like Boston it's tough to be a gun owner. Stan might be right when he says buy one now if your sporting good stores don't stock firearms.
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    185.00 new from a pawn shop/gun store for my 995. I called around to get that price. Good deals are out there. Check other towns, thats what I did.
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    I too picked up a 995 at Dunham's about two weeks ago for $169.99. Gun show prices are ridiculous lately, I would shop around.
  6. Alas, I'm no longer in Michigan, so no more Dunhams. My buddy is actually a New Jersey resident, but he's allowed to buy long guns at PA gun shows. I've never actually seen a Hi-point in any sort of gun shop in NJ, but then again, I haven't been to that many. I got mine when I was still in school in Michigan.
  7. I've been shopping around for a 995 for the past few months and the pricing seems to be all over the place. Finally found a shop back in my home town that can get me a new one w/ 3 mags for $200 so I won't have to deal w/ shipping & FFL fees.
  8. hello everyone,

    i'm a fng to this forum, and i wish i did my homework on the 995 price because i know i didn't get a good deal for mine.. sad to say, but i spent $350 :oops: (NIB)for mine.. it included the ati stock/2 mags/and red dot scope.. i live in the western area of nc, and hi point are not the weapon of choice in my area, so i found one online.. it should be here by friday, and i'm hoping to get my money's worth at the ranger this weekend... :lol:
  9. there is balance in this universe. i'm going to pick up a used marlin 30/30 for $175, so that should ease the sting of the price i paid for the 995. :lol:
  10. edit check.. "that should ease the sting for the overprice 995.."
  11. i paid 199.00 for mine in tn. had to drive 50 miles to get it every shop i called said thay did not sell that junk. well i have to say it best junk i ever bought and will buy it in the new stock when it comes out.