Best way to touch up bluing scratches?

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    OK, I did a bad thing. I put a scratch in the receiver of my lovely matte-black Charles Daly field-tactical 12-ga. I don't know how or where I did, I just did notice it.

    I've never really had to fix a scratch, anybody have any suggestions on correcting the scratch without making it look worse (I'm very good at making things going from bad to worse)?

  2. You might need bondo on something that big.

  3. Bondo? Nah... All you need, seriously, is a sharpie marker to cover the exposed metal. I have personally done this on my 995 in several locations and it's never rusted or gotten any worse. That weapon, from what it looks like to me, isn't blued either, that's either a powder coat or paint.
  4. :lol: thats just great.

    I would go pick up a bottle of 44/40 blue if you can find it. Can't gurantee a finish match(since its matte) but that stuff will immediately give a nice dark blue to just about any metal as long as you properly degrease first. It actually left my fingers back one time I used it 8)
  6. I have a Charles Daly Field 12 gauge shotgun which had a couple of scratches on its receiver. These receivers are aluminum alloy, so they're not going to rust or take bluing. I simply took a Sharpie and filled in my scratches. While you can still see where the scratches were, at least the shiny aluminum is no longer glaring.

    BTW, my experience with Charles Daly customer service is awesome. I had to ship my shotgun to them on two occasions, and they paid for the shipping both ways. Return time is quick, too.