Best well around 9mm pistol

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  1. in your opinion what is the most well balance all around 9mm semi auto pistol. keep few points in mind, accuracy, grip fit, balance, reliability.

    post away my friend. :D
  2. Glennfrank

    Glennfrank Member

    Taurus 24/7 Pro.
    Aside from a little ejection problem I had a few months ago (Taurus sent me a new guiderod/spring) within a week. Other than that great little pistol.

  3. A.C.P.

    A.C.P. Member

    Springfield XD9 sub compact. Quality, reliability, safety, Hi cap mags or low cap ccw mags. Very accurate and with the short slide, balance is in direct relationship with the grip angle. So Far it has been my ideal 9mm.
  4. condition1

    condition1 Member

    sig p226. HI cap. very grippy grips. accurate. I tbelongs to a friend, I can't afford them
  5. Luger P08. The pistol that started it all as far as 9mm. When you hold it, it feels like an extension of your hand.
  6. GLOCK 19

    There are so many wonderful 9mm pistols, but for all around goodness, the GLOCK 19 is tops:
    very reliable
    not too big, not too small
    as accurate as any 9mm pistol
    not the cheapest, not the most expensive
    pretty much indestructible
  7. blkhwkfxr

    blkhwkfxr Guest

    The weapon made famous by TV and the big screen, the tried and true, soldier side arm, and my best friend... the Beretta 92. Holds like a dream with the mag release, slide lock and safety in perfect possition. Fires consistantly uder the most extreme conditions. Ease of field stipping and cleaning is very user friendly. Magazines range from 15 rds to 30. I guess I'm kinda partial because I'm also an owner =)
  8. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    Glock 17 or SIG 226. toss up between the two.

  9. GLOCK 19 for above reasons.
  10. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Browning High Power or a CZ75

  11. MTguy

    MTguy Member

    I own the Taurus 24/7, Sig 226, Beretta 92, C9, and have shot the XD9 and aforementioned CZ of my friends..... For me the choice was the Taurus by quite a bit.
  12. Jettster

    Jettster Member


    I got the SP2022 b/c it was about $300 cheaper, and I love it. Great weapon, a hoot to shoot.
  13. I'll second the Beretta 92FS. Sweet guns with virtually no flaws. That isn't to exclude the scores of other wonderful 9's out there, God knows there are enough of them!
  14. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    After much debait My choice is the XD 9. The Torture test was nice to see, But so far and countless rounds later it hasnt had one single Prob, No ejection failure no failure to feed. Never fail to go bang, and I use What ever the cheapest brand of ammo I can find, never had a prob with hollow points. Mixed and brands of ammo in a mag dont bother it, Oil is optional, Cleaning is optional, and if it falls of the table at the range into a puddle only a quick shake is required, SO the mudd doesnt go into your face. Ammo is cheap and easy to find. The wife can shoot it with ease. Lots of other range going people always comment on a great choice. Doesnt cost an arm and a leg.

    Simple, Reliable, HI-CAPACITY, Accurate as any other 4 inch barrel.

    Just My .02 and you did ask:p
  15. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    XD or a Glock. Whichever fits your hand better.
  16. Glock 19 - Small enough for conceal carry, big enough that you could use it as a duty weapon. Easy to strip and clean. There is a vast array of aftermarket parts and holsters. While no gun will ever be "perfect" for my application the 19 is as close as it gets. YMMV