Better Late Than Never (Pic)

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  1. I bought my C9 & 995 carbine about 6 weeks ago. Here they are. [​IMG]
  2. Lookin' good, baby! (as my granddaughter would say)

  3. NICE!! I gotta get me a 995!! I have a choice of a SKS 7.62 x 39 or getting a 995. Choices, choices.... :)

  4. Honestly, myself I would get the SKS first, and then work on getting the 995. The SKS has more firepower.

    That is how I would do it. Your results may vary ;)
  5. very nice!!! Some times I wish I would of picked up the c9 instead of the jcp 40. Cheaper to shoot and a much smaller footprint under a shirt!!! I guess I just need to buy a c9 too!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks!........I got the BSA Red Dot scope at Wal Mart, $29.95 and a Hogue handgrip for my C9 at a gun shop for $7.95 and the 995 butt pad $16.00 from Hi Point. Just a few extras I had to have. [​IMG]
  7. get the SKS........
  8. The hogue grips are a great add to any hipoint. I picked one up for about $7 a month ago or so and just love the thing and it makes the hipoint look pretty good.
  9. neothespian

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    Of course, I gotta be different and say get the 995 first. Several reasons

    -Increasing rarity, even more so than the SKS at this point
    -the 995 is a buy and (generally) done gun. You get an SKS and then you see ALL the accessories out there for it, and all the sudden you don't have the cash for the 995 because of all the bling you got for your SKS :p

    In the end, it's all about getting BOTH!
  10. vtachrn

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    995 Carbine or SKS

    My thoughts would be to get both.

    1. The costs of the SKS rifles will only keep going up.
    2. There are many aftermarket mods/products that can be picked up rather cheaply to improve the accuracy and round capacity of this weapon.
    3. The draw back is the cost of ammo for the SKS/AK keeps getting more expensive.
    4. The price of the 995 Carbine is rather stable at this point, it is much cheaper to shoot on a regular basis. Just compare 9mm prices to 7.62x39.

    I went this route, got the SKS. Saved up again and bought the 995.

    I dont regret it.
  11. Well guys...I hate that we kind of stole/hi-jacked the topic here...I apologize to straight shooter.

    But...I did get the SKS and will get the 995 come the economic stimulus check in June or my increment check I get in August. As for accessories for the SKS...well what I ended up with is a Norinco Chinese SKS (all matching serial numbers) with a Ram-Line non folding stock and 30 round mag, original wood stock, original 10 round magazine, cleaning rod, cleaning kit and ammo pouch with 51 rounds of ammo and 7 stripper clips. The only thing I am waiting for is a synthetic folding stock that a guy is sending me for just the cost of shipping, he went to a ATI stock.

    Straight shooter, again I apologize for the hi-jack. Some people don't like it when that happens.

    As for you setup it is very nice. I like that red dot scope you have on the 995.

    Is the butt pad also a magazine pouch?? I thought I saw a mag pouch that went on the butt stock of the 995. I hope by the time I get the 995, Hi-Point has come out with their new stock. That would be the first thing I would change.
  12. Nice. Hope you enjoy them both.
  13. Yes, it is a mag pouch (holds 2 mags) one on the left and one on the right side.
  14. freedom

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    Congrats dude.

    Need to get a need grip for my C9 too.