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    A while back I started building another AR for a long barrel build. When searching for a barrel, I was looking for something unique that I wouldn't likely see on the rifle's next to me at the range, but I didn't want to spend $400 on a barrel. That brought me to Red X Arms...they appear to have some nice and unique barrels and the prices are certainly good. The problem is with their service. Fortunately, before I order anything I'm not familiar with I try to do some research. I found horrible things about Red X, especially with the Better Business Bureau. It looks like they have quite a reputation for taking forever and/or not shipping products out, and they are plain rude. I decided to do a test of my own and email them with a basic question that I already knew the answer to and see how they would respond. Below is what transcribed. While not exactly a horrible response, it's pretty unprofessional and still pretty rude...they could have simply provided the answer without the smart-ass response. At that point, combined with what I learned from their BBB ratings, I decided not to purchase anything from them.



    If you would have taken a minute to look at the website you would have found the answer to your question. I copied this from our warranty section under the terms and conditions tab at the bottom of the home screen.

    Only the use of SAAMI Ammunition is recommended and will be covered under the warranty. The use of reloaded ammunition will void warranty. Also the use of Israeli, Korean, Chinese, Potugese, PMP, South African Produced Surplus, Wolf, Norinco, Any Steel Cased, Lacquer Coated ammunition voids warranty. The use of the ammunition have been known to cause a range of problems and damage to the rifle/parts. They also may be unsafe to yourself and cause harm to you or others.

    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: Contact Us Requested
    Date: Thu, September 18, 2014 6:43 am
    To: [email protected]

    You have received a contact request from a visitor to your storefront at

    E-mail Address:
    Name: Colby
    Phone Number:

    I have a question regarding one of your barrels (20" Diamond Fluted .223 Bull Barrel). Are there any specific types/brands of ammunition that you recommend NOT running in your barrels?

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    Not sure that's rude. He just said, if you had looked, the answer's already there. The email request didn't suggest you had looked, or tried to find the answer.

    And then he gave the answer, again, without any comments or remarks.

    Sounds like good practice to me, if you can get every user to check the web first, you spend hours less per day answering dumb questions.

    Now, as for the BBB stuff...yeah, I'd not do business with them either.

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    Although that may be a common "forum answer" for one of the more common questions....:rolleyes: its plain ol' rude for a business........

    You may be communicating with somebody on the verge of ordering $5000 worth of stock.....
    At my previous job I'd also be responsible for part of the emails and yes you get your share of stupid questions but still.....
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    I agree it's rude. Maybe not by Forum standards ;) but it's a business. They could have said "As you can read on the website" or something like that, but instead chose the snarkier "If you would have taken a minute."
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    ^ That was kind of my point...there are better ways of letting people know that the answers are on the webpage or otherwise accessible, especially when you're a business. Maybe unprofessional is a better term than rude, but unfortunately part of running a business is answering the same stupid questions over-and-over, and it was a pretty passive-aggressive answer. But, that's why I emailed them in the first place...I wanted to see how they would respond given their reputation, because it's not unreasonable to consider one angry person filing 11 complaints with the BBB to slight a company, and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I think they've shown their colors. I buy and sell/trade a ton of random things online, and there's always another place to get something you want, so I'm pretty picky who I do business with...I'd rather buy from someone who wants my business, not someone who's annoyed by it.
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    The responder is telling you to look again on the internet & find another vender, you didn't see that? It was written between the lines, when he asked you to spend more time looking on the internet?

    I would have said "Look No Further" I have what you want right here!!!

    When I look on some of the gun auctions sites, (imagine me doing that) I always look at the sellers feedback. Buyers can put what they want on there, BUT only the seller can respond to a buyers feedback. If the seller is JERK with his response, I'm moving on, I don't need what he has!!!
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    Oh, it was rude. That's coming from ME so that's pretty bad.
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    Yep, rude, or passive aggressive, or just plain smart ass.
    At worst I would have provided a link and then pasted the text, which makes it perfectly clear that it is official policy...

    Besides, I have not seen such a restrictive listing of ammo anywhere!
    Seems like they are ruling out a huge amount of stuff!
  9. Clearly they don't need your business. If they did.
    They would say
    "Here is a list of our recommended ammo. You can also get more information on our website.
    Or call anytime. 555-555-555.

    I hope this answered your questions.

    Have a nice day."
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    Their company policy is if you don't shoot your gun, it will last forever, and they will cover all repairs, BUT only if you don't shoot it!
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    I like that word much better. And a big plus 1 to the rest of that post.;)
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    I ordered a $450 item along with $265 in accessories. The items malfunctioned and I attempted to contact RedX by phone, but the phone message said to send an email. I started an email thread where I contacted them 12 times and they responded only 3 times. I asked for assistance, reimbursement for postage for returned items, and requested that someone in management contact me to discuss this business transaction. I spent $64.51 to send all items back so that they could determine what was wrong. The postage included insurance since the cost of the items was over $700. They only responded that they wouldn’t pay for the postage. RedX did state that there was a defect, ‘The chamber was finished roughly and causing the problems you were having. An error in the machining process.’ I did receive all the parts from RedX and they functioned correctly. However, when I cleaned the parts after functionally checking them out, I found excessive carbon buildup and wear marks that indicated used parts were sent to me and not new parts. During this process it occurred to me to check if the Better Business Bureau had any information on this company. I found that RedX has an ‘F’ rating on the BBB. I should have checked before making a purchase.
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    Welcome to the forum sorry to hear about your experience
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    Don't see anything wrong with the communication which blows the BBB complaints away. You think all gun companies are like Cabella or Sig Sauer, or Remmington that employ a receptionist, a secretary, payroll dept. etc.
    Understand some of these operations are Mom & Pops trying to make a living and not sitting on loads of cash.
    They spent money and time designing their Web page with all the pertinent information for you the smart, educated and sophisticated ones to make an educated decision on the item you want to buy and not waste their very limited time on repeTItion. You don't ask to bait but to clarify something. The owner could be the machinist and shipper or his wife , perhaps his daughter that also works an 8hr job then have to repeat the already available information to a redundant/rhetoric question because you are paranoid feeding off other paranoids online(usually they lie about their contribution) and expect them to keel over at your whim.
    I would have just told you to read the terms on theIR website AGAIN.
    I have built An AR15 223/556 16" HB SS and an 18" HB SS , an AR 7.62x39, and a .308 AR 10 HB SS 20" with no issues beyond normal when dealing with online companies. The response to emails was not immediate but they did as also to phone calls. Their warranty is reasonable for any smart business to protect their bottom end as the difference in ammo can affect performance and so are the mis-matched components including personal tinkering. I had issues with my AR 7.62x39 FTF, Stove pipes, FTL( I was livid) when they told me to check my components; not blame their barrel- and sure enough I had a very light buffer spring, bad gas block and adding a heavier firing pin spring fixed the problems. Learned my lesson. Keep in mind when you are pointing the finger at others, three are pointing back at you. Just food for thoughts.
    Happy DIY
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    Clearly, they are so smart they saw trouble a mile away. They could even smell it in the wind. If you are dumb enough to read the warranty on the website and not understand the restrictions stated then perhaps you should not be into guns... They are dangerous.
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    Well somebody came out swinging.
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    Yeah, didnt bother to introduce himself to the forum or anything. Just jumped in and started posting to a thread.

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    And they registered when? Shill? :p