BF bought his first gun!

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Branth, Sep 23, 2014.

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    So, I posted a topic some months ago about how my boyfriend got his CCW permit, which had me grinning like a Cheshire cat for a week or two.

    It took some time, conversations, and education, but I got him up to speed on what to look for in a carry gun. This man is nerdy enough that he took NOTES on what he needed to look for, how to check the trigger pull, slide release, point of aim, etc. so you KNOW he did plenty of research. We went out to a bunch of gun stores and fondled stuff from Glock, Ruger, HP, Springfield, and a few others, and he finally settled on an SR9C. The very first shot out of the box was a FTE, but after that it ate everything with no complaints, and after I took a few shots through it, I have to say it's a pretty nice little gun. It's large enough to fill the hand, but small enough to conceal easily. It's got respectable 10+1 capacity, and a pretty decent trigger. The LCI is the size of a highway billboard, but does it's job well, if you're into such things.

    Anyway, here's a few pics he took. We of course needed to get him a holster ASAP, so we tried our hand at holster-making and whipped up an IWB hybrid holster. Later on I'll post a topic about how I made it, and I'll probably make at least one other holster before I'm done, though the next one is gonna be kydex. Come October, I also hope to drag him out to the Halloween IDPA match, so I may be able to get some pics or video from that, too.

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  2. SWAGA

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    Congrats, nice looking gun, big ol' holster though.......

  3. SteveC

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    You are the undisputed queen of girlfriends.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yeah, but those thing let you pack SOOOOO comfortably, all day long; and you can tuck in a shirt, too.;)

    But then, down in the land of sweat dripping humidity and untucked Cuban style shirts, that may not be the right tool for the job.:p

    My daughter has the full size SR9, it's a sweet gun, fer sure. Every time I look at a more modern carry gun, the SR-C series in in the mix. If I hadn't got a stupid good deal on the XD-C, I may have gotten the SR40C.
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  5. Branth

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    Ajole has it. Those big holsters spread the weight out REALLY nice.

    If I were looking at the full-size, I'd give a good hard look at the Ruger 9E. It's a stripped down SR9 with a cheaper finish, different slide serrations, and a chamber port rather than an LCI, and it comes with only one mag, but it's $100 cheaper. I don't really like the LCI, and slide serrations don't bother me, so that's what I'd get if I wanted a full-size.

    Oh, and Steve - I'm actually a guy. Don't you know, everyone is a guy on the internet, even the ladies? :p
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    Yea, he knows. Good queen joke.

    SR series is a very good choice.
  7. Maybe he had a limp wrist the first shot?
  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Beaahahahaa hahaa....

    Hey! That's not nice!:p
  9. I couldn't believe No one else posted that before me..... So yeah i couldn't resist. Branth has always been a good sport about our incessant hazing.
  10. beaglenc

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    Have one of those for 3 yrs or so. It would be one of the last to go, if I had to start dumping handguns.
    Everyone I have handed that to loved it and can hit with it. My wife is scary good with it.
    I have a Remora and a PJ holster for it.
  11. lklawson

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    Maybe a bit too incessant?

    Peace favor your sword,
  12. what are you trying to say!?!?!!?

    just kidding

    Remember MOD: guys like me dont notice we are going to far unless i get a PM or called out on it.

    So since I have never gotten a PM, I assume everything is good to go, and take it a step further.

    But point taken, ill lay off the gay jokes.

    What happens when you give a moose a muffin?
  13. Since i dont think i ever did mention my thoughts on your BF's new gun.

    Its pretty, I like the Ruger hand guns great price on nice guns. One of these days ill actually stop being mad at Bill Ruger and cave to some sexy SR series or P95.

    And the holster is nice for home made. did you use Kydex? for the top. Do you have a kydex press? or no some other way to form them?

    I don't have any holsters for my Cf380 or HP22. and i don't want to spend much money on them. Every DIY guide involves tools that costs more than me just buying the holsters.
  14. lklawson

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    I did long enough to buy my boy a SR22 handgun.

    I still feel dirty. :(

    Peace favor your sword,
  15. Yeah, i see a lot of ruger and taurus guns i want.

    Im not sure which i will feel dirtier about. not made in USA or designed by bill ruger?

    of course i manage to defend the NRA all the time. saying an organization can change. so maybe Ruger stands for different things now than they did before?
  16. Bull

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    I'm very happy with my taurus PT92
  17. planosteve

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    Politics aside the guy knew how to make good firearms. The M77 rifles put the rems to shame IMO.
  18. Branth

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    For the record, I have no issue with lighthearted teasing. I've got pretty thick skin.

    I used .060 Kydex, two pieces of plywood, some foam, and some clamps to form it. Cutting it was a boxcutter and some EMT shears for the leather, and the holes were punched with a leather hole punch for the leather and a power drill for the kydex. It was a pretty primitive process, but it worked out well in the end.

    As for Bill Ruger, I guess I'm not old enough to have the sting of that betrayal fresh in my memory. I've always known Ruger for inexpensive, rugged, reliable guns, so they're one of my favorite gun companies.
  19. lklawson

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    Looking forward to it. Get it detailed enough and it can be an Article. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  20. Bull

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    I hope you take anything I've said to you that way..... Because I surely haven't meant it any other way.