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  1. My father has been letting me borrow his Kubota a couple week ends during the summer.
    I have been doing my best to use it to its full potential. Mowing the banks, Moving dirt.
    And I must admit i LOVE IT.

    I'm sure if i did it for a living i would hate it, but i don't its fun, I feel like a kid in a sand box with the bid dump truck again.

    Took a couple pictures. It's not a big tractor, and it does not have a backhoe attachment. But its 4WD with a bucket, and thats all i need.

    Hard to tell from the pictures but I am trying to level out the back yard so the kids have more room to play. The backyard is pretty steep grade you can see in the picture with my kids on top of the dirt.

    The last picture is where im dumping the dirt, and filling in the holes, soon it will be time for grass seed.

    The dirt pile was put there by the houses original excavator, and is varying 3-5 feet high and i would estimate 100ft long.

    Also, go easy on me pro's this was my first week with the bucket.

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  2. MachoMelvin

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    We had one very similar to yours for about 14 years & traded it in on a new Zero Turn Kubota mower. We paid $10,000 for it new & got $8400 on trade in, 14 years later. Take care of it & it will hold it's value. Power washed it off every week. Waxed it 4 or 5 times a year. It looked as good when we traded it as it did when we bought it new.

  3. Glad to hear it Mel,
    Its garage kept and definitely taken care of. My grandma has a zero turn. Its fast fun and easy. But no bucket or plow :-/
  4. histed

    histed Supporting Member

    My wife has promised me one of those when I retire in a couple of years, but she wants a 'hoe and a cab with AC!!!!!! Did I pick the right woman or what?? AND she shoots

  5. Hell yeah.

    Like i said this one is my dads, some day I will have my own. But my dad is happy to help out by lending it.

    I like to think a bigger one with a hoe would be good for me. But probably not. I only own one acre, and some of the banks are STEEP here in PA. I hear the bigger ones sit to high off the ground for those banks.

    maybe ill look into some skid steer or such?
  6. Rachgier

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    You can definitely get a skid steer with all the attachments you would need. Bucket, hoe, augers, and mower decks.
  7. histed

    histed Supporting Member

    Westmoreland county - yeah, you got some steep stuff. Grew up in Blair County, near Blue Knob. That gets bad too. Skid steer is nice on that kind of ground and I'd never balk a the free loan of a tractor. Sure beats a wheel barrow and shovel!!
  8. cool, I didn't know you were from around this area. It is a tough terrain to taim, but i wouldn't have it any other way. I love walking in the back yard and looking out over to the other mountain side. Same height as the flock of birds flying 20 yards from you.

    once i get a flat spot big enough i want to move the kids trampoline up there. I think it would be a such a crazy feeling jumping and being higher than the house and some trees around.
    I can dig more with this in an hour than my shovel all day.
    Especially this hard dirt, already broke one shovel in this hard dirt digging out rocks.
  9. would be nice, probably a lot less chance of a roll over in that, and usually in a cage. when the day comes to put up the money ill be checking them out.
  10. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, tractor roll overs get ugly. I've dealt with a few of them and a couple ended badly.
  11. Dane

    Dane Supporting Member

    Sounds like it!! :D
  12. Yep, When i was a kid our neighbor died in one.
    I only mow straight up and down here, no going sideways with the bank.

    I know a guy with the same tractor that rolled it last week. He was praising the seat belts and roll bars on modern tractors after that.
  13. MaryB

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    I was on the scene as an EMT of to many tractor roll overs. Usually kids cutting ditch hay who think they can exceed recommended tilt... 2 people I went to school with died that way...
  14. Bull

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    I brush hogged with one of these for 5 years..... Shredded more than one ballcap..... ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1441766086.485696.jpg
  15. Rachgier

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    Speaking of the cost, tractors are EXPENSIVE out in Colorado. I saw someone trying to sell an older riding mower for like $4k.
  16. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Not so much in MO..... I'd reckon KS is the same.....
  17. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    I planned on hitting up some of the surrounding areas to see if I can find a better price. I'm only dealing with an acre but it would be nice to have something to tackle the grass, garden, snow removal, etc.
  18. MaryB

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    Don't be afraid to have one shipped from a couple states away. Dealers are always moving stuff and can toss it in with a different load cheap.
  19. gorgeous, I learned how to drive a stick shift on that exact model.

    My dad and grandpap had Farmall Model H's before i was born until i was probably 19. Then grandpap traded it for the zero-turn and my dad wanted something with a bucket.

    I miss that old farm tractor, and man it would run down the highway too.

    Only attachments we ever had were a pull behind mower/brushhog and Plow
  20. sheesh, We have always bought used. But ill probably end up spending close to 10K for an old used Skid steer + attachments. or a kubota like my dads. I believe he paid 5K for it with 500 hours on it.