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    Friday night and Saturday night we had some commotion around here. Friday it was just some noise in the woods and the dogs going ballistic. Saturday the girls were camping in the yard when they said they saw a big cat, light brown and white in color, about 4 or 5 feet long. Heard rumors about painters around here all my life, know folks who claim to have seen them. This is my first experience with one. Of course all I saw were the glow from its eyes, never could see the cat.

    According to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, painters have been extinct since the early 1800,s. According to the deputy we spoke with yesterday, they are common but most calls describe them as black. Says it likely came from the state park near here or the western part of the state.

    Now I got to go find me a chupacabra!
  2. Bull

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    We've actually had a few killed in the MO river bottoms around here...


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    Isn't that just a fancy name for a mountain lion ??
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    Do you mean Panthers? :confused:
  5. we have them in IL getting lots on trail cam's (cougars)
    bob cats also showing up more.

    we also have painters one just put stain on my deck
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    No, I meant painters. What I have always heard them called anyway. The NCWRC brochure I downloaded this morning called them Eastern Cougars. Panthers and Painters I guess are local terms.

    Anyway, I know one person who claims to have seen one years ago. Have heard of others but didn't know them. I have never paid them any attention because I thought they were seeing bobcats and exaggerating a bit. Have a different outlook now.
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    They are just big poody tats.
  8. Hermitt

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    Hmmm.... mayhaps they call them painters because they say they are extinct and the only ones that exist are the ones that someone makes a painting of? :p
  9. Rachgier

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    No, I can verify that they actually call them painters. I had a mental WTF moment the first time I heard it when I lived there. We saw some tracks and I made the comment that they were too big for a bobcat and looked more like mountain lion tracks. My boss said, "Them ain't no lion tracks boy, them thars painter tracks." My WTF mental check must have been evident on my face because his brother told me that painters were black and the white ones were cougars.

    I just agreed and moved on. These were boys who cured colds with moonshine and honey.
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    Maybe they couldn't pronounce panthers? Yanno... accents and all.... :eek:

    Pain-ter: Big black cat often called a cougar. :p
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    They claim no cougars around here either but there are reports of them all the time along the river and I am only 5 miles from the valley edge... had one go through the yard one night when I was in the observatory. Stuck my head over the top edge of the roof to see what the heck it was because I was NOT opening the door.
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    Most we have to worry about around here are the kai-oats.
  13. Back in 1996, I hit a cougar on I-70 Eastbound, right before the Hilliard exit. Thats just about one mile outside of "the outer belt" around Columbus, Ohio. It cost me $3800.00 in front end repair because no one would accept I hit a big cat in Ohio. Not the Highway Patrol (who told me to quit calling them or they would charge me for making a false report. I said "you already have my name, cell# and license number, send someone out and I'll show them the carcass) nor local PD, nor my insurance company. Not even with skin/fur, photos of the smashed in skull, not pieces of the body after the semi behind me ran it over.

    Worse, not even after it had been all over the news that people in the area were finding fist sized cat paw prints. They even had photos. But nooo, can't have big cats in Central Ohio. That might scare the public and make them think they aren't safe.

    I think over the next five years, near 10 cougars were trapped.
  14. planosteve

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    I live in the suburbs and we have yotes, bobcats, a few cougars, MaryB's friends the skunks, and the most destructive of them the dreaded beaver. There have been photos of the cougars on peoples roofs and back yards. The big cats are beautiful and pretty much leave people alone.
  15. Hermitt

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    One time, I saw a cougar sleeping in a tree! :eek:


    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Beau coup Cougars in Florida.....and some painters too....
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    Mary we got da lions to across the river. Hell we Evan have a hunting season for them. We have wolfs around to now but Game and fish say it ain't so. They keep saying its coyotes but we've seen them and watched them go after the coyotes. Now all we need is a few bears ;-)
  18. I claim breeding rights amongst you other animals! :D:D

    In Arizona, there is an area known as 2 peaks. A major highway runs though it.

    Fish and Game here, estimate a black bear per square mile in this area!! I consider this to be extremely high bear density!!! Cougar, (not as mentioned :D ) have been known as recently as 8 years ago to attempt eating of pre-teens within ( 30 yrds of a group ) 18 adults))
    to attempt lunch on a human.

    I don't go in the woods anymore here without the G29 10mm with HOT loads and much higher situational awareness!

    And to think... I used to tent camp with a .22 mag! :eek: