Big enough for you?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by truck, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Betcha the voice over guy wears a banana hammock to the pool.

  3. Grant

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    I had a Taurus in the 454 Casull for a while. It was a beast.
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    I had a chance to shoot a 500sw... passed... I like my wrists intact and my carpal tunnel would not have liked me for weeks after!
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    Some of those are crazy, I had a chance to pick up a AMC .44 Automag last week but we just couldn't agree on a fair price.
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    My friend 'Jonnie' carried the .454 Casull in a shoulder rig under his left arm and reloads under his right arm.
    While he could have practiced shooting .45 LC, he never did.
    Always shot .454 loads.

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    Made in metric size. Assault weapon revolvers :rolleyes:
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    Geeze.... Size does matter, but then there's practical joke big....
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    44 automag mentioned by JHOW. I'd cheerfully part with a piece of my anatomy for one!

    Story about the 44. When I was a rookie officer, we had a patrol Sargent who carried a 44 magnum. When Chief Schweda came aboard, he insisted everyone demonstrate they pass a standard shooting course with their duty weapon. So our Dirty Harry wannabe get's out there with the 44. In a 50 round course, he hit the target 4 times (I guess it would be safe to say the safest place was in front on the gun). He ended up having to carry a 357 like the rest of us. At least he could handle that.

    Sorry to say, but the biggest pistol I've ever fired was a Colt 1909 chambered in 45 LC that I carried for years when I was with the Sheriff's Office. And like a moron I loaned it to my brother while I was in the Army, who left it in the sleeper of his semi, from which it was stolen.
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