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    i had broken my firing pin and sent 995 back to hi-point. WOW!!!! i only paid $8 for shipping and got it back whith two more mags!!!! i had sights off for a reddot and they sent me a new rear sight i did not need, a new sling and mounts and a new lock!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!. i am VERY impressed with the warranty but i had massive FTF. i have 5 mags and it did it with all of i need to send it right back already or am i doing something wrong????
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    FTFeed or FTFire.

    Failure to Feed= Check/ adjust your mags.

    Failure to Fire= Give HP a call, see what they want you to do.

    Keep us posted.

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    The title says FTFeed, but that;s just the thread title :D

    I'd agree, start looking at mag lip adjustment threads and see what you can do. You migt call HP and see what they tell you.
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    it was repeated failure to feed, it happenned on all three of my old mags AND the two brand new ones hi-point gave me. also the rounds that did not make it to full battery had identical dings on the case. i would get 1, maybe 2 shots then....nothing. i could remove mag and pull back action and shake out loose round. then put mag back in and MOST of the time i could fire the rest, BUT it happenned with all 5 mags. (IS THERE A PROPER WAY TO SMACK MAG BEFORE INSERTING?). i did not have this problem before i sent it to factory.
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    I missed it completely. :oops:
  6. It seems that it would be highly unusual for that many different mags to all have problems

    Are you making sure that the bullets are seated good in the mags with a slap of the mag to the palm?

    No offense meant, just trying to figure this one out.
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    i was slapping them tapping on table etc. is there a proper procedure to sllapping them?
  8. No, just as long as you are doing it. So the carbine is jamming with new mags and your old ones?

    Has to be something with the carbine then.

    My suggestion would be to call Hi Point, unless some one here can help you trouble shoot it.

    Please let us know what it turns out to be so the next guy down the road will learn from it.
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    BUMMER!! i guess it's back to the factory then. i am SO impressed with the warranty BUT i must admit i am not as impressed with the carbine yet. when it works it is AMAZING for the price. but it has had more problems than i have posted. I have had it at the range three times now, yet have not had a good day yet. MY first run was 300rounds with ftfire and fte but was using cheap spanish ammo, my 2nd run was the same. then my first dissasembly is when I bent the firing pin( my fault) but when i got it back is when these ftfeed problems jumped up. This forum made me very confident about my puchase but i am not not getting great results. i admit i am not the most knowedgeable (or best spelling). it seems almost OK to be dissapointed in a $170 nib gun than had i paid $1000 plus for an AR. but my purpose for THIS gun was not HD but rather a cheaper (ammo) plinking gun. ANYHOW i am rambling and do not want to aggrevate hi-point fans, i came here for info and help but am not a HUGE fan yet. you are all VERY helpful but I am still a skeptic. And am FULLY willing to admit the problems may very well be my fault.
  10. Hang in there, the vast majority of these carbines shoot great, but every once in a while there will be one with troubles, just like in cars and everything else man made.

    The important thing is that Hi Point WILL work with you to get it shooting good and then let the fun begin!
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    No disrespect intended with my next question but I have seen this issue twice before, both times the user was trying to fire .380acp in a 9mm carbine. Now I'm not saying you are, but are you sure the ammunition your using is 9mm and not .380acp?
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    none taken. it was the only firearm ibrought with and i had two boxes of win. white box from walmart in 9mm. i can spot the difference from .380 to 9 para to makarov.
  13. WAIT!!!!!!!!

    Check this first. As many here can attest, I've had great fortune with ammo, and ALL my guns. Almost scary actually. Last time at the range, I had Failure to Feeds on ALL my guns. ALL of them, with WWB. I shoot WWB all the time, so this was a surprise. I believe this box is bad. I've shared this story on two other threads I belong too, and some there have seen the same with new boxes of WWB. So, I think there's a bad batch out there.

    Check your ammo, buy some more. I cannot believe ALL the mags are bad, or the gun is now "bad". IMHO.
  14. Newskate makes a good point, might as well try some different ammo before sending it back.

    Kudos Newskate!
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    Alrightt, i will try diffrent ammo and re-post soon. hopefully before monday!!!!!!!!
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    i really am trying to find operator error and not blaming the carbine. the only hard thing is it did not exist before i sent it to hi-point.
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    i had failure to fire and failure to eject on my first trip to the range but blamed the cheap spanish ammo i bough with the gun. my first disassembly showed lots of carbon and metal shavings. this is when i somehow bent and broke firing pin and sent it to factory. they treated me VERY well but suddenly had this new problem. maybe it is a bad batch of ammo. so I will try something different. I very much appreciate all the help!!!
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    waltham. I am new to this computer thing and really appreciate you keeping an eye on this post.
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    Dont loose hope kanderson586! Try the different ammo then send it back again if it still dosent work. The 995 is super reliable once you get the bugs out. Be patient and hi-point will take care of you. I know it must be frustrating having already sent it in once, but i bet once the problem is fixed you will decide it was worth the hassel. I like my 995 more each time i shoot it. You will too.
  20. And just think you might get 2 more mags. $4.00 each
    Hang in there,it really does sound like the ammo.I had some WWB that didn't sound like thay put in enough powder,just sounded like a poff.