Bigbore Airgun for Survival

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    I am not talking about using this as your assault rifle but to get game near your place of retreat.

    This guy makes bigbore able to take a bison.

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    Some pics from the website... Any air rifle that can do that is a good one to me.

  3. Air guns can be very powerful. Austria used air guns against Napoleon and his army feared them so much they, supposedly, killed any soldier captured with one.

    Lewis and Clark used an air rifle on their expedition and thought well of it.

    These air guns were of about the same power as black powder rifles and muskets of the time. That means that a hi-power large-bore air rifle should be capable of taking almost any game if the shooter does his part.

    I've seen a couple of the Quackenbush rifles at gun shows. They are very nice, and way too expensive for me to invest.

    If you buy one though, tell us about it.
  4. I have always included an air rifle in my long term survival planning, but mine is for taking small game and birds not buffalo and bear..LOL!
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    Air rifles are nice in that they are quiet so you can take out the back yard bunny without a screaming child crying about how you killed bambi. But a rifle that big would have to make a sound which defeats my purpose. So I'll just stick to a firearm.
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    The Air Force Talon SS in .22 is very suitable for small game and is pretty damn_quiet. At its higher setting it's about as loud as a flip-flop slapping the sidewalk, at its lowest you hear the click of the trigger and a mild splat.

    But for any game larger than a rabbit, I'd choose a firearm or a bow too.