Bipod choice for AR platform

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    What's your preference for a good quality bipod for a AR platform . I know most of you will go for the cheaper is better but I'm looking for a good bipod . Such as a Harris or like what I've got on my .308 Savage which is a Caldwell

    I tried a UTG bipod on my AR and it felt real cheap and when I went to load the bipod the legs would bow and the mount would flex

    Do most of you AR owners use bipod from Harris or ?? . I Really like how the Harris or Caldwell feel especially when you load them
  2. 45Man

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    This UTG Harris clone is solid.

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  3. tonka45

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    I have HArris on my AR 15 Rock River since its set up with a scope and another Harris on my AR 10.
    Personally I prefer Harris, but on a standard AR or a .22 Caldwell and UTG are not bad.
    Just that for many many years Harris has held up for me on many a rugged hunting trip and in the military.
    If you look around you can get good used ones in the $65 to $80 range.
    Keep in mind on an AR you will need an adapter plate for the rail.

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    Thanks !!:)
  5. moona11

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    I rarely use one. But put the bipod forward handle on mine. Works OK but rarely use one.
  6. I also have Harris's bi pods on both my AR and an Anschutz 1450D
    I do find that on the AR if using a 30 Rd mag.the gun rests on the bi pod and the mag in a muzzle down attitude of about 10 degrees. I can only raise the muzzle if I use a 10/20 round mags
  7. Branth

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    My choice is called a forearm. It come standard. It's on your left side attached to your elbow, for right-handed shooters.

    It's not the most stable or easy to use, but the price is sure right!

    Srsly, though, I hate bipods unless they're on some kind of dedicated "sniper" rifle - They're heavy and awkward, and all the weight is at the front of your rifle so it handles like a blunderbuss. If I want to punch paper, I get an adjustable front rest. (Sniper is in quotes because it's such an overused term. In this context, I mean a rifle that you set up, take your time on your shots, and plan on engaging targets that are several hundreds of yards away.

    The only situaitons I could see a bipod for was if you were a sniper, hunter, or 3-gun shooter that needed to be able to set up and take down quickly from a fixed position, and needed the utmost in accuracy when you were doing so. For a defensive rifle, you're not very often going to be setting up in a fixed position sniping at guys hundreds of yards away, and you're far more likely to regret the poor handling characteristics you get with that extra weight.

    Just my two cents, though. I did shoot the tightest group I've ever shot on a friend's Remington 700 with a bipod.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    I like bipod especially at the range if I'm shooting prone or bench rest . Also the bipod helps in tightening your groupings

    I don't think a lightweight bipod such as a Harris will make it feel like a blunderbus as you describe it
  9. moona11

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    Try a sand bag. Its worked for years.
  10. Branth

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    I'm sure if you work out more than I do (which is not at all) it's not as noticeable. Every gun I've handled with a bipod felt front-heavy, though.
  11. MXGreg

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    I use one of those clip-on bipods. I know they're cheap and not very tacti-cool, but they work. When not in use just fold it up and throw it in your range bag or stick it in your back pocket. I've used mine on all my ARs, my AK-47, SKS, 10/22, even my Marlin 336.
  12. Rachgier

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    I have a bipod on my non-functioning 770, and it's nice at the range. If and when I replace it with a different .308 bolt gun it will probably end up on it, but for me a bipod is for the range not the field. I have a collapsible walking stick that has the yoke on top for shooting. If I have to drop to prone I have my ruck to drop on the ground.
  13. moona11

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    Got a few of them to. Easy to use and put away.
  14. Lighthorse

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    I have the same UTG that 45Man has, or very close. I've had it for a long time, years. For the money its been a great bipod, and still is. The UTG has parts that will Rust, the Harris doesn't, that will most likely be the price diff. Branth, once your adrenaline starts flowing the last thing your going to notice is the weight of the bipod.

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