bipod for 995 with stock stock

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  1. kanderson586

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    my 995 is still original and i want to know is there an easy to attach bipod out there?
  2. Ridge

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    The problem with that is that the stock is split down the middle...its possible you could drill a hole in it and mount a bipod adapter or a picattiny rail and then mount a bipod on that...

  3. bikeman

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    I don't think alot of people realize how much a barrel mount bi-pod reduces accuracey. I would not use one. Had one on my AR and did not like it. Plus, with a stock HP there isn't much room for a that type of bi-pod. Stick with a rail mount on the stock. Keep looking through this forum and you can probably find something. The easiest way to mount a rail on the bottom of the front of the stock would be to place a short rail, diagnally across the seam (bolts on either side of the seam). With a decent bi-pod that swivels you would never even be aware of the angle of the rail. I thought about doing this for a foregrip, but decided I already had an AR and the HP only needed a flashlight.
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  5. kanderson586

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    good too know, i think i will skip the bi-pod idea, thanks guys.
  6. always wanted to hook up a bipod to my stock stock as well... but never learned of a realistic smart way either...