Birchwood-Casey rebluing kit

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    Great Thread, Zero Drift and Excellent Info!

    Reaper re-blued Dad's Beretta MINX (22s) Truck Gun. It was pretty bad,
    Dad used to keep it under the seat in his company truck. (Coal Mine)
    I saw it before and I was rather skeptical, and Reaper also said it would
    not be perfect when he was done. Darn Near! It came out very nicely.
    Pretty sure he used the Birchwood-Casey cold blue, but yes, he used heat.
    I now have the gun, nice piece! THANKS DAD!!!
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    This is what the breech end of a percussion barrel looks like.
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    Like Kirk said cork the ends with rubber or regular corks. The thread side you can use the screw with thread tape if your dunking it. If your using heat just hang the barrel downwards and no corks needed if your careful on the application of the bluing i use make up pads to apply it and change them every pass. When they get contaminated they leave uneven streaks in the bluing