BJ Baldwin champion racer and champion shooter involved in SD shooting

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    ....and yet she didn’t.
    It was her boyfriend that did the shoot in’.
  2. Rachgier

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    I can see you running around in a powdered wig and makeup, while speaking two octaves higher than necessary but dressed like a peasant.
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  3. cicpup

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    Yea. It was the champion racer that did the shooting. The champion shooter drove the getaway car.
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  4. <harumph> The wig and powder are only for show, my good man. However, at times 'tis advantageous to adhere to tradition, is it not? Peasant attire? How gauche. Robes are de rigueur, Good Sir.

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  6. Yeah but according to the story, she spotted two Bad Guys, In The Dark, One With A Drawn Handgun, at a range of 80 yards !

    OH WAIT ! He says that he could see em too . . .
    after she whispered his name three times.
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    One thing is certain. Mr. Baldwin knows his hamburgers! "That's what a hamburger is all about."