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  1. can anyone explain to me what is it? i come across a Brand call Traditions and their "black powder revolver" is absolutely beautiful. but it list caliber as "44 cal blackpowder" and it is single shot.
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    That my friend is a muzzleloader. Most likely their trapper or plains.

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    Black powder, then round ball .425-.435 on top of a patch of pillow ticking.
    Very fun to shoot but you definitely need to clean after shooting, even the newer black powder substitutes will turn that nice new barrel into an inaccurate paper weight in comparatively little time!!!!
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    If you are not obsessive-compulsive about cleaning your muzzleloader you might not want to get into that branch of firearms.
    I had loaned an inline to my nephew about 12 years ago, he was very careful about putting oil on the outside so I just "a$$-u-me"d that he had also followed my directions as to cleaning the inside of the barrel. He had used Pyrodex powder for several practice rounds but decided that he preferred his 30-30 for the deer of the year.
    Short story long, the inner 2/3s of the rifling was completely obliterated. Luckily it was not my "favorite" smokepole so I let him live, but a word to the wise..........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I agree. Blackpowder need to be clean very well after shooting. And they stink when you clean them. I personaly love shooting muzzleloaders. I hunt every muzzleloader season with my Thompson Center inline.
  5. so... is like the musket in the movie? sorry sound so newbie about this. i was research on revolver and come across this:

    from Traditions performance firearms

    it's so beautiful. the octagon shape barrel.... :shock:
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    The other thing is that you can shoot black powder from a single action colt type weapons. Such as the Ruger Vicaro, and the USFA Rodeo...
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    Your picture is of a cap and ball , still black powder, revolver. You have to load the cylinder one chamber at a time. They are a hoot to shoot. As with any of the muzzleloaders, Black powder ONLY. Moder smokeless will destroy the weapon and perhaps take you with it. The picture appears to be a Pietta. What Caliber?
  8. i know nothing about the muzzleloader pistols. i believe the one i post is 44 cal black powder. does any know any NORMAL revolver that have octagon barrel and looks that the picture but use case ammo?
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    If you look on any muzzleloader forum they can link you up with shops that actually do cylinder conversions for some of the cap and ball models. Moderator!! Is it ok to post a link to one of my favorite Black powder forums? :?:
  10. reluctanthawk, can you sent me a pm?
  11. Most popular steel (NOT brass ) framed black powder revolvers in 44 can be easily converted to 45long colt for the price of a conversion cylinder.

    Only problem is that the conversion cylinder can be around 200-300 dollars in itself but you still have a cool old looking revolver. And that cool old revolver with the conversion kit can safely shoot blackpowder or smokeless cartridge rounds.

    The thing is that you can get an replica Uberti or Cimarron colt single action in 45lc or 357mag for around 300-400 dollars which is cheaper than the black powder pistol plus the conversion cylinder.
  12. thanks bobotech, the cimarron is closest to what i'm looking for. i love the look of gun but i want cylinder revolver that shoot common ammo(.357mag will be the best). do you or anyone know any other company that make those?
  13. Dude, if you have a link that is helpful to our membership as a whole, POST IT!! :D

    We love ALL firearms here, and we also know that we are not the only people out there with information. Another thing you can do with that black powder forum link, is post it in our "Links to Other Websites" forum, so everyone will be able to access it from there.

    Thanks reluctanthawk!
  14. Best muzzleloading forum on the net....

    Those folks love muzzleloaders and cap-n-ball revolvers but they will not tolerate discussions on modern Inline guns that load from the muzzle.
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    That sir is an 1851 colt navy revolver....had one in brass and to shoot, fairly acurrate within reasonable distances, easy enough to clean, pain in the a$$ to reload