Blaming the voters

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  1. A VA Senate committee voted down all newly proposed gun control bills earlier this week. They did approve a few gun rights bills that will be up for a full Senate vote. They include one for constitutional carry.

    The controllers of course are upset and controller Sen. David W. Marsden *(D-Fairfax), who's bill ban kids from was kicked to the curb, had this to say:

    “It is the primary voter in Republican districts, several thousand people, who are . . . making it impossible for our legislators to do anything regardless of how benign it may be because it’s the camel’s nose under the tent.”

    Guess the Demos don't like doing the will of the people.
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    ...demonic rats, how aptly named...

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    And neither do the Repubulicant's I'm getting tired of the whole damned mess. I wanna buy an island where the salt won't rust my guns..............

    I fired off a long email to my rep Marsha Blackburn. Never got a response. Too much truth in the letter.
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    Thanks Histed. That is a real nice Mole picture. :rofl:
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    Thanks, OO. Course we know OUR Mole is no mole :foilhat: