Blast Forwarding Device for 995ts

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  1. I want to know if anyone has any ideas for a BFD to fit the 995TS w/o a threaded barrel. I had the HP muzzle break, however I don't want it on the firearm anymore. This is my o_O"YOU DIDN'T TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR?!":shooting: gun after all. Meaning, it would be nice to think we could maybe retain some hearing if one of us ever needed to use it (not on each other). This seems like something that would be a better idea for HP to offer vs the wholly unnecessary muzzle break for the 995TS.
    If anyone has any market based ideas, bubba'd concepts or some combination therein, I and later post readers would like to see them.
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    If you're worried about the the db level of the bast if used indoors for an SD event, why not just use subsonic 9mm rounds? Even with a BFD you're still going to get the supersonic crack indoors which will get amplified off the walls. Or thread the barrel and buy a suppressor if you're that worried about it.

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    You're looking for a Linear Compensator. Most of them are threaded and in traditional rifle configurations, most commonly .30 cal. The Russians really pioneered the linear comp with the famous "krinkoff" model, if memory serves. Though the point of that was not sound redirection, it was to create more back pressure for the rifle to cycle. The sound forwarding was just a happy coincidence.

    There are a ton of linear comps now. Not sure if anyone makes one for the 995 though. Should be able to google around for it.

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  4. Barrel threading: Trying not to make this an expensive gun. Because reasons.
    Subsonic rounds: That's not a bad option. But of course that would be better with a 45ACP version. Which I don't own.
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    It's true that a suppressor with subsonic ammo would definitely cut the sound down to hearing safe. But you're talking another > $400 minimum. The absolute least expensive suppressor I've ever come across was a bit over $200. Usually they're triple that. Then there's the $200 tax stamp.

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    You don't need subsonic rounds with a 45, they are already subsonic. Keep in mind that even with a BFD, or linear compensator, the blast is still going to be amplified by the walls etc.
    Those devices work outdoors because the sound is dissipated because it is not contained like it would be indoors. Quite honestly, if you actually use the weapon in a full on SD situation in your home, you will most likely not even hear the round go off or it will be muffled due to the surge of adrenaline and the resulting physiological reactions your body undergoes.
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    But you'll still have the hearing damage.

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    Is that based on your own first hand experience? I've never had any residual hearing impairment whatsoever afterwards.
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    I do, in fact, have hearing damage. Some of it is, indeed, from shooting without ear-pro.

    But it's not just me. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, sounds at 120 dbA and over are unsafe and damaging for any period of time. 9mm has a sound signature starting at around 168 db. The damage is real, and is cumulative. Sometimes it's less, sometimes it's more. But it always "is."

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    We're not discussing shooting at a range without ear protection as a habit. We are talking about discharging the weapon inside the residence in a SD situation.
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    I have hearing loss, but there's been a plethora of sources.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Don't forget that under stress you hearing kind of goes into a protection mode.
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  13. I know where the majority of mine came from. One was a Deep Purple concert smack dab in front of the band with no hearing protection.
    And there was a whole lot of this stuff, using just cotton balls in my ears. Duhhh. Anyway, there's nothing like waking up to the sound of a Matra V12 screaming thru the extension at Watkins Glen.
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    That is what is being discussed, if you had bothered to read. Kirk's contention, with citations, is that the damage still occurs to some extent regardless of the body's defense mechanism. Flash disagrees.

    I'm on Kirk's side due to my own hearing loss but my caveat is that the amount of, or lack thereof, is based on individual physiology.
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    NE Utah
    It’s cumulative, so....I’m not going to worry about it too much for the one in a million chance that I might use my weapon in self defense.

    And the sound forwarders aren’t going to help much in a closed room, so unless you go outside...why bother?
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    Of course. But just because Auditory Exclusion happens doesn't mean that there isn't hearing damage. There is.

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    I'll wager that your hearing loss did not occur as the result of a once in a lifetime discharge of a firearm without hearing protection inside your residence in a SD scenario.
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    Exactly. If you use hearing protection when shooting at the range to protect your hearing, the one time use of the firearm without hearing protection in a high stress indoor SD scenario is not going to cause significant hearing loss. You can argue the semantics of 'hearing loss' as any minuscule amount, but in the context of the single use in an SD incident inside your home it is not going to be an issue if you do not have hearing protection in.
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    I also have to agree with Iklawson about the hearing loss. I’ve often been exposed to loud noise in my work environment without having hearing protection over my ears during my career and I certainly do have hearing loss. Hearing loss can sometimes be an advantage though; for example, I can’t hear my wife complaining to me about something I haven’t done yet.

    I’ve read the OP’s first post several times over and cannot find where it is mentioned that he intends to use the device indoors. If the shooter plans to use it outdoors, and if it can be put on as easily as some of “the wholly unnecessary muzzle break for the 995TS,” then it would serve a better purpose to than just adding a tactical look to the HP carbines.
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    Hence the previous post of my hearing loss having a plethora of sources, and my caveat that individual physiology determines just how much damage occurs with each event.

    However it is possible, no matter how unlikely, that someone could pop off a round inside and lose their hearing. It might be a one in a million event but I would be willing to bet that it has happened somewhere.
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