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  1. Ive been using Blazer Brass 180 FMJ loads for the past two weeks and they seem to shoot great out of my JCP. However I dug a few out of the dirt mound I use as a bullet stop and the jacket has been ripped off of the bearing surface.



    Ive never seen this before with any other load. Has anyone else had this problem?[/img]
  2. Did the jacket come off while the bullet was in the barrel or after it impacted the berm?

    As long as the jacket isn't in your barrel you're fine, don't worry about it.

  3. I assumed it was factory ammo... Dunno, but I know that factory Blazer Brass doesn't have a crimp.
  4. I cleaned it and there doesnt seem to be any heavy copper fouling in the bore.
    However the more I look at them the jacket on all three seems very thin for what Ive seen on FMJs. Its almost like they just wraped the bullet with copper foil.
  5. As long as the jacketing isn't fouling the bore on your weapon you're fine. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. It was factory ammo. I dont reaload of pistols yet.

    Im not worried too much about it untill I see heavy fouling. I just figured Id share something Ive never seen before and see if you guys might know what could have caused it
  7. I have seen WWB that were crimped to tight and caused something similar. The copper jacket separated from the core. I then pulled a couple and the jackets had a been broken (pulled) apart inside the case. I wish I had taken photo's of them.
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    ive shot a bunch of rainier leadsafe bullets and they do virtually the same thing. Its because the copper jacket is thin. The rifling cuts it and it flies off after it leaves the barrel. Unless you have fouling problems i wouldnt worryabout it.

  9. thats odd. I've never seen it happen like that before. I have had ranier plated bullets loose the copper from the back of the bullet upon impact before though. Like they said, as long as theres nothing in your barrel I wouldn't worry.