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    I am a disabled vet who has gone through 5 eye surgeries in the last couple of years, had to sell all my guns (Gawd I miss my glock) but I have regained enough sight to see 20/30 with glasses with one eye. Doc's told me no more shotguns or High Power Rifles, nothing with substantial recoil. Bought a pair of Hi-points in 40 S&W and with a 2X Tru-Glo Mil spec sight am now hitting 3" groups at 100 Yards with my 4095. Was going to try to deer hunt with it this year, I know range must be limited to 100-150 yds, was wondering if anyone else has used them for hunting, and if so what cartridges. I have sighted mine with Fiocchi 165 HP but was looking at going to 135 gr Powerball ammo from Cor-bon. Any experienced suggestions.
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    Have an acquaintance who used a 40 s&w to take a ferel hog. About 20 yards and it dropped at the shot. I would keep my shots an the south side of 100 yards with the 40 S&W.
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    I think you are pushing the envelope with any Hi Point Carbine hunting larger game at 100 yds. You want a clean kill. You may get lucky and get a shot at one within 50 or 75 yds? Just my .02.
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    Think of pistol caliber carbines as shotguns with just a little (15 or 20 yards) extra range.