Blingy mods - of no use

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  1. Some said it couldn't, most said it shouldn't. Well, its not a wood stock.... but its a start. ShooterZ, I have a set reserved just for you :lol: .


  2. You go Bushman98! Stick it to the man! Don't let'em tell you what to do with your gun. Now you need to Tru-oil that wood.

  3. hahaha nice.

    I've got a sheet of fake carbon fiber film that I thought about using for that same purpose.
  4. My god man, I'll pay for the cat scan, just go get one now!
  5. patriot2980:

    That's some Luan that was part of the shipping box the mill came in. I think balsa wood has a better grain structure that this carp.


    I actually looked for some of that stuff to do this. It was not worth the cost for this little jab concept.


    Cat scans are expensive. Had a couple done about two years ago. At the end, I had to go to the pharmacy to get some alcohol and iodine for the scratches and claw marks. :wink:
  6. LOL, let me know if you need any lab work done, father in law has a golden and a black lab.
  7. I sure would like to see a full wood stock in one.
  8. That's Z71's department. I think he mentioned that he was gonna work on one.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member


    OK send my way and Thanks :wink: :lol:
  10. You devil, you! I've been staring at that stock, wondering about possibilities, and you do THAT!

    Curse you! Curse you! :D
  11. I originally got this cf stuff for a computer case mod from a guy in Minnesota who sells mods and sells modding supplies. I'm sure i'll put it to good use soon.
  12. Heheh, I'm waiting for the mother of pearl inserts. :D
  13. watchout for slivers
  14. multi color inserts

    Ya'll know,

    Charter Arms came out with a pink J-Frame size snubby for the ladies.

    Taurus has different color pistols to color match your outfit.

    Well.... why not color match inserts for your carbine to match your outfit or for the ladies?.. GRIN

    Bright Orange to match your hunting vest... Pink for the ladies... Mother of Pearl with matching diamond studs for the screw holes for those formal occasions... GRIN

    Hey.. Now we're cooking.. you know.. getting a base model carbine is like getting a base model car to "pimp up" in a way.. you can go full functional mods (make it run better), specific duty mods (track or street), or "look at my pretty..." mods.... GRIN

    I haven't been this excited about "enhancing" a firearm since I first got a basic 1911 to "enhance/modify".. GRIN

    The last thing I've "modified" was my old Mossberg 500 bird gun. I converted it to my "home/ranch defence/utility" gun by replacing the stocks, install short (but legal) barrel, and other assundry items to enhance it's functionality and utility.

    My 4095 is becoming similar to that Mossy.. it'll go along side it as a carbine version... GRIN

    All these ideas are really starting to get my imagination going.. HHmmm wonder if that is a good thing.. GRIN

    Take care and enjoy,

  15. Tell you guys the truth, the only reason I did this (other than to poke fun at shooterZ :) ) was to make the base template for some rails. I've noticed that the small rails they have for sale are just square and fit somewhere on the stock. I wanted to make some "low profile" rails where the base sits in the pocket and the only thing than sticks out is the rail part. Makes them 1/8" shorter.

    But I dont think its worth the effort or cost. Unless you guys think so.

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    Gee and I wanted a set until I noticed on of the screws holding it sits right in the middle one oh well. No a rail that would fit in it would be good.
  17. Fenix

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    Heh, New Orleans Pimp :wink:
  18. Anything like this?
    I used a piece of rail from a 2 piece kit for a bolt gun. The "thicker" of the two fit in the recess on the forearm perfectly...
  20. Marlin 336 Weaver mounts (I think that's what I used)