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  2. funny stuff.

    For the backstory(for those who don't know): Kelly Pickler is from albamarle, NC. She was a finalist on one of the early seasons of American idol.

    I don't know if its just her being a ditsy blonde or what, cause I can attest that NC schools are darn good...

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    Man she is out there... I wonder if it is an act..
  4. yeah I wonder that too, but blondes will be blondes.

    Kinda like miss south carolina...i'm ashamed to say they admitted her to my college(Appalachian State, 3 time consecutive FCS football national champions as of fri night)

    I will admit though, I feel for her. I know how easy it is to get addled in a high pressure situation like that.
  5. You may be right. She said some very dumb things: 'I thought Europe was a country' 'Is France a country?'

    She might have walked out of there, become a little less stressed, and started kicking herself along the lines of 'What were you thinking? Are you stupid?"

    But then again, she may just be hungry for turkey.
  6. for pickler in this vid I don't think she has an excuse. She's been on TV wayy too much. Its more miss south carolina that I feel for.
  7. Yeah but Kelly is sooooooooooo hot i dont think it matters......
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    Easy on the eyes, yes, roger that. Easy on the brain....ugh....
  9. aye, she is quite hot. Something she may(read: will) be relying on in the future...

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    I like her singing. But that doesn't require much brainpower. I'm no wiz but I do know what the Budapest is the capital of. Geesh girl read a good book called the encyclopedia!!

    Wait did you say she's from NORTH Carolina? That would explain it all then.[Just joking guys don't get upset :lol: ]
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    Here is the south carolina video since people were talking about it.


    The sad thing is even if she said what she was trying to say it still would not have answered the question.....

    The Iraq! lol.....
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    I knew that Budapest was the capital of Hungary, and i feel that the 5% of Americans that couldn't find the US on a map will fare rather poorly in this country. Not only do they not have an education, but their feeble minds do not wish to become educated or self-sufficient due to the loss of food stamps, government assistance, welfare, and access to soup kitchens. If a person claims they do not have enough education to do anything, then they are lying. A truly uneducated person does not know that they are uneducated. If a person is educated enough to say that they are not educated enough to read a map, then they CHOSE not to learn to read a map.
    This is just a stark realization of survival of the fittest aka natural selection.
    This is not a poke at anyone on this forum, but I hate the way that Miss Teen SC portrayed our education system. I live in SC, and it's bad enough that SC gives EVERY student k-12 standardized testing (kids with learning disorders, behavioral health problems, and mental health problem) and thus giving us a terrible National "ranking".
    *steps off of soap box...
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    As beautiful as she is I hope she doesn’t have kids for the sake of humanity. You cant fix stupid.
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    A blonde screwing up like that, is like seeing a monkey with brain damage.
    It wouldnt matter if she got the answer right, we would chalk it up as luck.