Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD

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HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

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  1. I'm looking into possibly getting a hi-def DVD player and am working out which format to go with. It looked as though Blu-Ray was going to pull out ahead early in the year, but HD-DVD secured some important business with Dreamworks and Paramount, so they both seem to be about dead even in that area, with the remaining primary differences being price (HD-DVD wins) and storage capacity (Blu-Ray wins).

    So I thought I would put it out to you good folks. Do any of you own either of these or have any experience with either? If so, what are your thoughts on the situation?
  2. HD-DVD is better and cheaper IMHO. You'll get better service and quality out of this investment.

  3. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    You can buy an HD-DVD for $200 now....the cheapest BluRay player available is $400 and comes with two controllers...
  4. I say go for HD DVD cause it's kinda a 50/50 right now, and if you're going to risk losing out on the standardized format, might as well gamble less money.
  5. It's just my opinion, but when I think about Blu-Ray, I have visions of the old Beta Format. My great uncle had a Beta and couldn't give the bloody thing away.
  6. thekrnel

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    i would go for the blu-ray... cuz you also get the ps3 attached to it. although... for game systems, i like "wii". this is best enjoyed on a 65' where it is life size. it's nuts!
  7. SonOfLiberty

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    I'd go with Patriot on this: Blu-Ray seems like something that in 5 years you will be selling the player at the yard sale for 20 bucks.
    HD-DVD just seems more safe.
  8. neothespian

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    My personal opinion? Stay the hell away from them until at LEAST next year.

    The format war is JUST kicking into overdrive with each maker trying to get as many studios in their corner as possible. This of course means the creation of DOZENS of new Digital Rights Management protocols. Some have theorized that soon there will even be DRM settings that will prohibit which TV's will allow you to hook up to certain devices (Such as a Sony TV ONLY accepting Blu-Ray devices and not HD-DVD)

    And, for the average consumer, they will NOT in a million years notice the image quality improvement. Sure, if you have a 48 inch screen and larger you can benefit from the higher 720p resolution, but for the average joe consumer, the extra cost on a 20 to 32 inch screen is marginal at best. It's the assualt of buzzwords and flashy bits from the dealers that are forcing consumers to think they MUST upgrade else the world will end!!!!!

    In short: Don't bother right now. Nobody knows where the format is going, and I personally think that in a few years those who are after a TRUE high-res viewing experience won't be buying a disk with their media on it, but simply downloading it for whatever player they prefer in order to avoid the BS of media format wars and the inflated prices that come with it.
  9. I have a big screen plasma HDTV that can display in 1080p and I can for sure tell the dif between HD and SD :) But you do make a valid point as far as holding off and waiting for next year. At worst I would go with a very inexpensive one this year if I came across a good sale, but otherwise I'll hold off for a bit and see if the format war goes anywhere.
  10. Thayldt21

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    Trueth be told.

    I only have a 52". I have regular DVD Player.

    Buddy of mine well sorta, Anyway wants to show of his newest gismos.

    You know the type newest phone Ipod, Macthingy.
    Anyway tries to show me how much better the Blue-ray and HD-DVD are.

    While both do improve mmabey imrove they are not the day and night diff the adds tell me.

    So I will stick with the old DVD player as I couldnt tell the diff from that pricey stuff.

    I can turn up my contrast add a little more color. Soften the background all from my romote on the Tv. Looks about the same to me.
  11. Wife is just now giving up on her TV/VCR combo that she bought when she got her first apartment long time ago. The sound finally went on it after many moved and me dropping it down a few concrete steps then all of a sudden craps out. Soooo I'm in the market for a sub $300.00 LCD that 20"+ and hoping this holiday season will be nice to me.
  12. Samsung makes a pretty good HDTV. It's nice blend of price and quality. The pictures are usually awesome, but my plasma does have a hard time with REAL fast camera motion on SD channels, and it also doesn't like the color red in SD (it gets real blocky). But these aren't issues that are noticed very often.
  13. elguapo

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    As long as my TV plays my DVD Player...then all is good.
  14. Silicon Wolverine

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    Im waiting until we see the eventual winner of the hi-def wars but im betting it will bee HD-DVD. Blue-ray is too propreitary to catch on. Remember betamax?