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  1. Just wanted to share the contents of the BOB I keep in my trunk. Its really more of a get me home bag than a real bob. I would apreciate any feedback you can offer as to how to improve it.

    Medium-heavy winter coat
    Change of underwear and undershirt
    Several T-shirts

    Pocket survival kit including several firemaking tools, basic first aid, fishing, clothing repair, and cutting tools.
    Multiple emergency mylar blankets
    Foodstuffs, enough to keep you from going hungry for a few days, but not a meal replacement.
    Multiple basic first aid kits. Basic meds, gause, band-aids, etc.

    Multiple knives
    ear plugs
    hand warmers
    light sticks
    Extra batteries: AAA, AA, D
    Battery converters- allow you to use AA's in C and D devices
    Wet-n-use towels- rayon towel that expands from a 'tablet' when exposed to a small amount of water
    Gel fuel
    esbit stove with fuel tablets
    MRE heaters
    Water purification

    Most of it is stored in "space bags". Excellent option to keep clothing and other gear dry. I use one large space bag for clothing, and one for smaller items. The smaller one is the "travel" type that allows you to manually squeeze out the air.
  2. Thats definitely a good start thats a lot more then most people have, especially for just being in the truck. Good job.

  3. side note:
    I recently made a small purchase from for some small tiems to keep on my person. They include the peanut lighter, keyring size LED light(thing this is sweet for a buck!), super sharp prep razor(cuts through paracord like butter!), Pen style technicians screwdriver set(need it for work)and the pocket widgy bar(small pry tool) which I have wrapped with paracord.
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    Nice BOV supply. Didnt see water in there but Water purification? Maybe a couple gallons of h2o and your set.
  5. aye, I do need to add some real water in there.
  6. heh yeah no pants right now. I've had a couple of pairs go missing on me so its gotta wait until I figure out where they went. I might look for a pair of those khaki cargo pants with fleece liner.

    edit: more on water:

    Since this is a get me home bag and I don't travel in the middle of nowhere i'm not too pressed in that dept. Also in the wintertime up here it will freeze. Got in the car today and what was left in my bojangles cup was real iced tea :lol:
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    You are in Boone, NC. I know that area. This is what everyone up there carries in their truck!

    Bottled water will not ruin if frozen. It will not usually burst either. The water is an essential. Why have water purification tabs if water is not needed?

    Boone is good. Nice places to hide. I have friends in the woods north of the college.

    Why do you not own but one pair of pants? Probably "killer cotton" too. Blue jeans, right?

    Go to a thrift store. Buy a pair of rough cords or cargo pants about two sizes too big. Plan on wearing them over whatever you have on at the time.
  8. Since this is generally a get me home setup I intend to generally keep a small water supply in the vehicle and keep purification on hand in case things run longer than expected.

    Well thats part of the problem, it is mostly killer cotton stuff. I've got plenty, just a matter of not having enough on hand to spare right now. I have been meaning to hit the thrift shops but haven't gotten it done yet.

    I like this area. Where are your friends at? Theres not a whole lot of people towards the knob other than in town and out junaleska drive(sp).
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    They have a farm back in the sticks between Watagua and Mountain City.
  10. ahh cool. I have several friends in that area, vilas to be exact.
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    I assume you have a CB in the truck otherwise I would also say comms.
    Nicer list than mine so I gotta set cracking.
  12. I suggest looking into one of the small water purification kits too, at the very least a purification drinking straw to go along with your purification tablets.

    Another item you will want to get is some type of ponch. Staying dry in the cold months is extremely important because when you get wet it will sap your energy levels and can cause hypothermia(sp) really fast. The thin emergency ponchos for a buck are ok to keep in the vehicle but for survival needs I prefer a slightly more durable one that can be reused many times if needed.

    Also consider some type of shelter because you never know when an overnight stay will be the order of the day. A very basic shelter can be made from a tarp or you can get a 1-2 man tent that works much better in my opinion. I have an Alpine Hiker Dome tent, it measures 7.5'x5' that I bought on clearance for $19 at the end of summer from Sports Authority.

    Other than that looks like you have a good start on your Get Home Kit.

  13. I do need to get more in the way of purification and storage.

    I don't have a CB in there(this is a car actually, its in the trunk, did I typo?) I do have the FRS 2-way radios. When/IF I get my HAM i'm going to keep one in there. If I get another truck a CB and/or HAM is going in there.

    There is a poncho in there, forgot about it. Its in the main car kit that includes roadside emergency stuff.

    Shelter wise, i'm lacking. I need to buy a new tent anyway or at least go for a nice big tarp.
  14. I took a weekend survival camping trip once to test out my choice of gear and had a miserable time trying to sleep, because at the time all I had was a tarp for shelter. Two nights was all I could stand sleeping in the tarp. I got ate up by mosquitoes, knatt's and a colony of ants. The day I returned from my nightmare I bought a two man pup tent and swore to never again rely on a tarp as my sole shelter if I have an ounce of choice in the matter.

    Another down side to the tarp is its hard to secure them against wind drafts. Most shelters you make with a tarp will be of the tube tent type or lean to type, this leaves a lot of open space for the wind to flow thru. During the winter this means a constant cold draft, during rainy nights its means getting wet and during the bug season it means no sleep and lots of annoying bug bites.

    Tarps do have their uses though and some times you cant beat a tarp for a quick way to shelter yourself from a rainy day or the hot sun. You can also use the tarp as a shelter covering for the tent, and this helps a lot on sunny days or rainy days/nights.

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    Keep a tarp handy wioth your tent and cover said tent with the tarp for added rain and wind protection. I know a lot of campers in Maine who would set up a tent and run a tarp over it in the trees to deflect the rain and tree sap from the tent

    Iam allergic to wool so in the winterr in Maine I would wear cotton long johns and put a pair of woolies over them for added warmth I could stand temps as low as 30 below that way. i know cotton kills but wool iches can be just as deadly if your scratching yourself raw also I would wear clothing in layers also 2 pairs of winter socks and my pacs as well as cotton pants and good sweat shirt and god winter jacket. Also note carry gloves AND mittens yes mittens if your in very cold weather like now your fingers will freeze with mittens your fingers will stay warmer I have worn BOTH gloves and mittens over gloves at the same time. Try the mittens that pull apart for shooting they work very good. You can get them at Wall mart for a few dollars
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    +1 on the ham radio.

    getting your license is not that bad (I studied for two weeks then took the test) and you probably want to take a class and try for more than technicians class. Although even with the 2meter band you have an infinitely greater range than with FRS, GMRS, or CB. Plus in a SHTF scenario the people who you are communicating with will be more professional and orderly than the "easy accesses" bands. Not that you should not have FRS, or CB -they add to the range of frequencies you can cover and allow you to contact more people- but the fact is that HF VHF and even amuature UHF frequencies offer more versatile communications. (I knew a guy on 144mhz that was dx-ing from a mobile base station and made a contact with a guy in Northern Africa. WITH 2 Meters!)

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    I agree as well I studied for 2 weeks in 95 and passed. About a year later. using and old 2 meter HT [about the size of a brick] and only on 3 watts I talked with a guy from Portsmouth NH to Portsmouth VA when we happen to have a good skip going on. Yes Ham, CB, and FRS/GMRS all have their uses. get and use all 3 and you will have good coms
  18. Many times I have intended to and purchased books to study for the ham. Just something that I haven't gotten around to actually doing. I/my had have a yeasu mobile unit as well ass a handheld unit that despite being thick fits well in your hand. I remember in the days before my dad had his own portable cell phone(we started with a bag unit in the car, I still have that phone number :lol: ) we sometimes used the ham repeaters phone patch system to get up with family when we were out and needed something.
  19. Man, you Carolina boys are making me look bad! I was born and raised in Montgomery county, NC and did my share of camping growing up. Rimfire, were you sleeping on the ground? Most survival books say that's a big no-no. What kind of insect repellent were you using? We used Cutter's whether working on the farm or camping. You should have made a hammock with your sleeping bag and run another line about three feet above that for the tarp. You're lucky you didn't wake up with a snake as well.

    Me and my brother used to spend our summers running around the Uwharrie National Forest with the 82nd Airborne. We would stay out with them for days at a time and we learned a ton of stuff at an early age. Sounds like you had the right kind of gear and just used it improperly. DON'T SLEEP ON THE GROUND

    If you have enough wood for a fire, then you probably have enough to make a cot as well.