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  1. I know this has been discussed here before by my self and others but I'll try again. My 995TS fires off 10 rounds without a problem. On the last shot the bolt stays open but looks like it is not open all the way. When I drop the empty mag and insert a loaded one I cannot release the bolt...jammed open. I have to give it a hard rap towards the butt to get it to release and chamber a round and then it's ok until the mag is empty and it jams again. I have tried 5 different Hi Point mags with the same result. I dissembled the rifle cleaned and lubed it checked for bent parts etc. Everything internally looks in new condition. Tried calling Hi Point for five days straight to get some help but the line is always busy, so I gave up on them. Looking at the schematic, it looks like there is a lever with a spring on it to hold the bolt looks to be in good shape. It does have a little tang on the end and I am wondering if this could be interfering and causing the bolt to jam open.
    If I cycle a full mag by hand (pointing down range) it does not jam. I am considering filing off the tang and see if that corrects the problem. I really don't care if the bolt stays open, I just want it to function properly. Only have a 100 or so rounds thru it where my old 995 Ape gun had thousands without a malfunction. Sorry for the long post but any help would be appreciated....
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    That happened to my 995TS about 3 years ago and only had maybe 500rds thru it . Sent it to Mom and found out it was an issue with not properly heat treated parts on the LRHO mechanism and other parts on the bolt carrier/ bolt

    They had my 995TS for 3 weeks and hot back a nearly brand new Carbine !!!

  3. That's what I thought it was... I'm going to remove it as I don't really care if the bolt stays open and getting through to Hi Point is impossible either busy or on hold forever...thanks for the input
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    Before you start filing anything, make sure you have enough spring tension on the LRHO lever and that it can move freely up-and-down. Also, Look through the ejection port and you should be able to see if the LRHO lever is engaged on the plate inside the bolt when you get stuck again.
    If that is all good, then the problem is elsewhere.
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    Ha yeah sometimes it be's like that.
    Early mornings in the beginning of the week have worked for me.
  6. There is a little tang on the end of the LRHO lever that is bent upwards slightly and looks like it was hanging up on something as it was buggered up, so it appears that it is jamming up the works.....The lever only moves very slightly... I took a dremel and removed the tang altogether... Tired of spending more time fighting this than shooting it....I'm going to the range on Sunday so I'll see what happens

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    Not saying this may happen but if when you ever send your Carbine in to Mom for warranty repair or you sell the firearm and the new owner sends it in for warranty that repair you did with the dremel may have voided the warranty all together

    I never had any problems contacting Mom as I always got someone on the phone at 7:30am their time
  8. Not worried about the warranty, just want to fix it.... It seems as though since Hi Point sold the business the customer service has gone downhill as I never had a problem contacting them before...they used to have a e-mail address for customer service and that has also gone away
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    Please excuse me if I sound crazy...but isn't the HP carbine supposed to work EXACTLY like that?:confused:

    It's just my suspicious mind, but maybe....

    It's not "jammed"'s the last round hold open, doing its job?

    Putting the new mag in never has and never will release the HP bolt, you MUST, rack it to the rear to get it to release...if that's what you expected?

    Hard rap? How about a strong pull? Maybe a good tug? What I mean it any harder than when you rack it back to lock it with the bolt handle? Put an empty mag in, rack the bolt...does it lock open? Drop that mag, leave the mag well empty, and try to release the bolt. Is it still just as hard to release as it is when shooting? Or does it release easily?

    Without knowing your experience level and such..I'm just wondering if this is all a misunderstanding about how the gun works??
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    :welcome: UNK!
    Hope you get this fixed, but I'd keep trying to contact MOM, maybe they
    can just send the proper part(s). These are easy enough to fix at home, in most cases!
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    IF a part is even needed?:confused:
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  13. I know how the gun works.... Please read the bolt is "jammed" it will not rack to the rear... I know how the firearm works and it worked fine for the first 100 or so rounds. When you break it down and their are bent parts something is wrong..

    From HP operating manual:

    (CONTINUE FIRING: Remove empty magazine from the magazine
    well, then insert a loaded magazine into the magazine well. Pull operating
    handle backward until you hear an audible click. Release and allow the bolt
    to go forward on its own accord. This will load the first cartridge into the
    chamber and the rifle is again ready to fire.) this is when it jams....It will not chamber another round nor will it move without the magazine inserted. it jams just before the the rear detent that holds the bolt open. Hope I made myself clear on this.
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    Don't get upset, unk, I was just checking. You know how it is on the interwebz, people don't always use the word they meant, or it meant something different to the reader.;)

    So...have you tried it with the empty mag yet?

    There's three things I can think of that can cause the issue, the LRHO being bent is one, and you can essentially just beat it flat, you don't have to grind it to decide it that's the issue.

    Problems in the firing pin channel are another issue, either crud, or a jammed up/bent spring, or less likely, a bent firing pin.

    And then crud behind the bolt.
  15. The LRHO was bent so I eliminated it by grinding off the "tang" I don't think beating it down will do any good as it will just bend again. It's not even a hardened part as I took a file to it before I used the Dremel and it is soft metal. I don't care about the bolt staying open as it's just a target rifle and would not trust my life to it....I have other firearms for that purpose. Ill give it go tomorrow at the range and update on how it works..
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    My 995 does the exact same thing. Only on the last round and it takes a very hard snatch to the back to free it. It doesn't always do it but you can tell the difference. I took it back to the place I bought it and they told me to strip my red dot off and the foregrip. So I removed those and then he tells me he has no boxes to ship it back to MoM. So I just took it home and set the red dot back on it and use it anyways. It's just for plinking so it's not a huge issue for me.
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    Why involve the your LGS since you now own the firearm . I used the box my 995TS was shipped in and it worked just fine . I still have this box along with all the boxes all my firearms were sold to me in
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    Again such as I mentioned previously , grinding off the LRHO Tang has effectively voided your warranty on your carbine . So if / when you do send it in the warranty is now void !!!! . What about if you sell the carbine and you don't disclose the user repair . The new owner has an issue with said carbine knows about the lifetime warranty and now comes to find out it is a voided warranty due to non approved repair , not cool huh !!!
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    I didn't buy it new. There was no box. 200 bucks with a red dot and pop out bi pod mount. I already had a 4595 so I jumped on it.
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    I also seriously doubt the warranty would be void.
    We've had cases here where a carbine was reduced to rubble and still warranty repaired.
    I think you jumped the gun by taking the grinder to it but hey, if it works it works.