Boo Never scare a kid who is on guard

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Ari, Nov 24, 2007.

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    Saw that, that was good!

  3. LMAO! He got knocked the eff out!!!! Funny stuff.
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  5. Too funny, That is some crazy stuff.
  6. If you are going to scare someone, do it from a distance.

    My dad was a real joker, when we lived in Waco Tx, he killed a couple of pretty good sized snakes, and coiled them up on the top of the trash in the can and then put the lid on, and about gave one of the poor trash guys a heart attack when he walked up to that can and lifted the lid.

    Dad was on the porch out of reach laughing his rear off.

    He got me a few times over the years, so I was not a big fan of his jokes.
  7. Haha, snakes in the trash can, that's funny. I dont think I would mess with the garbage man out of respect. Poor guy deals with garbage all day. Naa, I'd rather screw with the meter reader or someone.
  8. I remember he did it because the guys would dump the trash in the truck and then just throw the cans and lids on the ground and my old man thought they should have sit the cans back upright with the lids on them like they were when they arrived, and he had already talked to them a couple of times about it.

    So he decided to get their attention in another way.
  9. Then that, sir, is 110% acceptable. I have the same thoughts. I once threatened to dump my trashcan in their parkinglot on base because they didn't pick up my trash one day b/c the neighbor parked their car near, not infront of, my garbage can. After about 5 minutes of bantering with them he sent a truck by to pick it up when he realized that I was 100% serious about my dump threat.
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    We have always done the beer thing in a bag on top of the can when they come for it. Afterward they have always taken care of us