Booby trapped ammo in a war zone

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    It's old news but interesting none the less.
  2. Or in a domestic SHTF situation. I think the topic of salted ammo was posted here on a survival thread a few years ago.

    I see that the insurgents are switching to using car bombings, etc. Likely a sign that they have lost the power(resources, etc) to carry out direct combat against the government forces.

  3. Actually it's a sign they've gained knowledge. They know they can't take on government forces directly. But car bombings? It's Terror 101: Kill your target and strike fear into the masses with minimal assets. It works.
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    The pilot's philosophy of "big sky; little bullet" gets blown out of the sky when the ground troops have been trained to lead the aircraft so that little bullet gets sucked into the engine.
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    This should be illegal, period. Imagine in ten years when all of this crap makes its way across borders and onto the surplus market.
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    Isn't it?

    I seriously doubt that will happen.

    Peace favor your sword,
  8. I too was wondering if the salted ammo could get mixed up with good ammo and get imported years later. I hope it gets destroyed once discovered.
  9. I doubt there is much chance of it getting over here. The anti-gov forces have been very short on ammo for the last few months. They have even been firing their belt feds as if they are semi-autos.
  10. I once had this exact conversation with a sniper I worked with (was a sniper before he crosstrained); he couldn't say anything similar without laughing. Because basically, well, it's laughable.
  11. There used to be a saying... "All's fair in love and war".

    War is hell. Fighting in it is hell. It's not meant to be nice or pretty or easy or bloodless. **** like this has always been done. Even I know better than to pick up the enemy's leave behind ammo and weapons.

    Anyone who get into it expecting to not get hurt, well, they're dumba$$es.

    Don't get me wrong. I honor and respect those who fight for truth, freedom and our country. But I have nine of that for the people being affected by these "dirty weapons". They are fighting to oppress other, not to stop oppression.
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    Unless it gets exported at some point in the future and sold as surplus ammo after their war ends. Unlikely, but possible.
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    when you 'need' to win the war you do what you have to do. it's all chalked up as strategy. any lingering side effects are secondary and simply collateral damage.
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    It's also possible that I might win the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Ammo exporters and importers are, neither, going to touch leave behind ammo with a 10' pole. The have too much riding on their product to risk even a tiny tiny possibility of bringing in salted ammo.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I thought that was the whole intent in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation.
    You would have no choice actually after you run out of supplies.
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    NE Utah
    In a SHTF situation, NO ONE is going to waste ammo by booby trapping it.

    In an open rebellion, when the gov't has plenty, then MAYBE they gov't will do it.