Boogerhooks and Bangswitches--when will they figure it out?

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  1. HPHooked

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    And it's time to go home for a change of shorts........
    :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

  2. She got up and ran over to him, I hope it was to start kicking his rear end. He needs it.
  3. what a moron.... the kid, and whoever left the shotgun just laying around loaded with no safety...
  4. Corelogik

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    [booming god voice]
    [/booming god voice]

    Both of them need to be tested for mental defects. You never leave a shotgun hot, especially without the safety engaged.
  5. Strangerous

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    My shotty's hot, but alas I live alone.
  6. He should be a bloody pulp by the time she is finished with him. And whoever that shotgun belongs too needs to be jailed for negligence.
  7. I sure hope there wasn't anyone on the other side of that partition... at that close of a range, it had to have penetrated.
  8. What the H*LL is wrong with that kid!! Never, Never, Never, just walk up and pull the trigger! Jeesh, mental defective! :doh:
  9. andrew241

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    Complete and total idiot. He needs to be onthe ID 10 T report forever.
  10. Thayldt21

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    Yep this is the world we ive in.

    And I keep my shotty loaded but not chambered. I like the Internationa your Fudded sound.
  11. neothespian

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    Don't worry..... they'll sue Fox Pictures, United Artists or RockStar Games in a few months for the "mental trauma" suffered from the shotgun discharge because he MUST of been told to do it by the media his parents bought for him to watch :roll:

  12. wd6bgn

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    Why should I keep my gun unloaded to protect idiots? That's like saying forks make Rosie O'donald fat.
    The fact is, some people will alwise touch wet paint, even with a sign. Others will stick thier finger into a fan, light scocket, hole in the wall, or what ever.
    There used to be a TV add about leaving your keys in your car. "Don't let a good boy go bad." I think was the catch phrase. If he was such a good kid what to (&(&(& is he doing in my car?

    We keep protecting the idiots and now the inmates are running the asliam.

  13. Thayldt21

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    Ron White.

    "You cant fix Stupid!"
  14. Corelogik

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    I agree, but that wasn't your home or mine, it looked like some sort of business, maybe a mini-mart of some kind. That being the case it was in a semi-public area. Under those circumstances, you never leave a shotgun hot. Damn sure not without the safety. At least I don't/wouldn't anyway.

  15. wd6bgn

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    True, but we don't know where the video was made. It could have been a police office of some sort.
    But why won't mothers teach their kids, you know whats yours and what isn't. If it is not yours, DON'T MESS with IT! Be it guns, money, somebodys purse, or even lunch. I'll bet this turkey would walk by you at lunch and want to take a bite out of your hamburger.

  16. while I see no problem with leaving the shotty hot, I DO see a problem with not having it better secured. it should have been beside her, under her desk, or along the wall behind her, and NOT sitting on top of a filing cabinet right inside the door.
  17. well, theres no shortage of dumbarses....they are everywhere.