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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Hermitt, Oct 16, 2014.

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    I know there are a lot of you guys (and gals) here that are 'into' the art of survival. Some of you may have even heard of Tom Brown Jr.

    Recently I've been given Tom's book, Grandfather, which is a true set of stories about Tom and his brother Rick and their time that was spent with Stalking Wolf.

    Very fascinating book!!!! Grandfather/Stalking Wolf was one incredible 'Child of the Earth'.

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    weird.... 26 views (as of 8:20pm MT on thurs) and not one comment yet..... :eek:

  3. Well books wore me out after 6 years of college and I personally find most boring. I think this book sounds interesting though, as I have to have a serious interest in a topic to read a book. I don't like fiction either, so real world topics like this could be a good nightstand book. I'll see if I can download it on my iPad.
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    I'll look into it.... Sorry for not responding ya COB!.......
  6. Can't find it in iBooks...I may just have to snag a copy off amazon
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    Well, I didn't want to offend or to post without adding actual content to the thread but, well... Your "review" didn't really have much reviewing to it. The entire review consists of half of a single sentence: "... which is a true set of stories about Tom and his brother Rick and their time that was spent with Stalking Wolf."

    Like I said, I'm not trying to be critical but there just wasn't anything in the post to make me perk my ears up, ya know? I just figured that you either didn't have much time to write a several-paragraph review or you don't have much experience writing book reviews and didn't know how to go about it.

    I wasn't going to say anything, but because you asked...

    To grab my attention, throw in some details. Just enough to wet the whistle of my curiosity like literary appetizer. Who are Tom, Rick, and "Stalking Wolf?" Are the Tribal? What time period is it set? What were Tom & Rick's experience prior to hanging with grand-dad? Were they "city boys" who've never even camped out? Did they think they were hard-nosed survivalists but find out otherwise? Is this a book of conversationally related survival tips or a book about two pre-teens/teens/grown-adults growing into an intimate family relationship with a man they'd never known set in a series of heart-warming wilderness "adventures?" What are a few highlights of the book? Is there a story about Tom & Rick stalking their first deer or learning that they really can eat beaver anus?

    Maybe at least a list of the chapters and a sentence describing the contents of each, ya know?

    Again, I'm really not trying to be critical or offend. It's just that if you want people to comment, then there's got to be something to comment on. If you want people to ask questions, they've got to have something interesting to ask questions about. "Hey guys, I read this book," just doesn't quite cut the mustard.


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    Mostly this!

    This.... from the back cover of the book.....

    About Stalking Wolf.....

    Who Is Stalking Wolf....

    Oh... and one of the stories in the book tells of how Grandfather got his name "Stalking Wolf". :cool: