BOOK REVIEW: Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons 7th ed.

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    Having read these books since thier inception i eagerly tore open the box containing the new edition. Only to find that a printing press malfunction had left half of the pages bound at a 40 deg angle with most of the print and pictures mangled and unreadable. A quick call to MBC and a replacement is on its way.

    What was readable however left me dissapointed. Same old topics with littel new information and even many of the same photos as the last two editions. The cover boldly portrays a SWAT officer with a HK G36C rifle but it only is mentioned once in the entire book, and that is contained in an article on another subject entirely.

    Print and editorial quality also left MUCH to be desired. captions for photos were often incorrect and some were incomplete. Some photos had no captions at all. There were several randomly inserted paragraphs with no bearing on the subject at hand, and some were from other articles.

    The author continues his seemingly unending distaste for Ruger firearms, going so far as to say the ruger PC series of carbines left them with "mixed feelings" and "should best be left to law enforcement". His rants on the mini-14 are well known and he laid into the mini-30 in his latest tirade. Calling the gun "a dissapointment", he compalined about the iron sights and instead used a scope for short range targets that would have been easy to hit with irons.

    On the good side, the half i was able to read did go into some newer guns not included in older editions including a 5 page review on the 4095 carbine. I wont quote verbatim but all three authors of the book found it handy, functional carbine, if not the best lookin girl at the ball. there is also an EXCELLENT article on the texas rangers and thier history and firepower.

    He also reviewed the beretta storm, SU-16 and bushy carbon 15, but the book mainly seemed focused on high dollar sniper rifles and flashy equipment. The chapter on the Turnipseed shooting school left me confused about what actually went on there-a shooting school or a hollywood-esq ego boost about shooting from the hip and standing like arnie while you pull the trigger.

    The whole book left me dissapointed overall and my respect for the author has diminished somewhat over his narrow-minded comments about some guns. If you are a fan of the series go ahead and buy it but if you want an infomrative, well written book, avoid this one. It would also help if gun digest knew how to run thier printing presses as well. ;-)


  2. Glad I didn't spend my money for that one.I hate reruns.Atleast thay were right part of the time.