Bore Laser For Zeroing Out & which?

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    Since I just got my 4595 Carbine & haven't had the chance to shoot her yet nor zero out the scope cause I'm mainly waiting on the aluminum rails.

    Given that this is going to be used 95% at an indoor shooting range, would it be a good idea to use a bore laser sighting bullet to zero in my scope at 25 to 35 yards? Same question for puttig one laser in the bore then adjusting the other lasers windage & elevation till the 2 dots become one??

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    I use the cheap bore sighting kit from wally world to sight all my guns and scopes in, its not accurate but it gets me on paper and close to poa.

  3. If Rickm uses the same "LazerLite"(17hmr to 50cal) bore laser as I do, then you'll be pleased with it's performance.

    When I do a bore lazer at around 15 feet in my livingroom, using a rifle shooting sled, I just make sure the windage crosshair adjustment is spot on, and make sure the elevation crosshair adjustment is no more than 1 inch above the lazer mark. I use the same principal with Red Dots also. I find when I go to my outdoors 25yd target, I'm either just high or low of the bullseye and the scope adjustments are then used for final precision---once I know what ammo gun likes best.

    Using a bullet chamber lazer or end of barrel lazer won't make difference. Difference is in cost of bullet lazer, and limitation of only 1 or 2 calibers.
    While a end of barrel lazer has different size arbors(included) for use in other calibers, while having 1 lazer.

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    I like bullet lasers that fit inside the chamber and are secured by allowing the bolt to hold it securely . Since this design is more secure and inside the chamber it allows more accurate bore sighting . The muzzle bore laser is not accurate at all and rely's on a plastic harbor that fits loosely and the screw holding the harbor to the laser loosens up to easily . Another bad thing about the muzzle laser is how easily your crown and rifling can be easily damaged

    Now if sighting in a bolt rifle I will remove the bolt a visually look at my target thru the barrel and then looking thru my scope until I get the same view thru the barrel

    Now back to the chamber and muzzle lasers , I've found that the muzzle laser would be way off compared to the bullet/chamber laser which would be almost dead on
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    Do u recommend a specific bullet laser brand? They do range in price prob due to build quality & if u read reviews on say Amazon, it seems to revolve around the fit when inside because if its loose in the least, it will surely make the laser inaccurate which defeats the whole purpose.

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    My 9mm bullet laser is from Sighmark and is very accurate , it fits tight into the chamber and once the bolt is pulled back I still have to use a cleaning rod down the bore to tap it out of the chamber

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  8. What size battery does your 9mm bullet laser use? I can't figure out what mine say.

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    (1) AG-3 battery
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  12. Thanks but mine has 3 batteries and I can't seem to match up the Chinese numbers. Have to get my jewelers loupe out to read them... lol.
  13. Get over yourself USMC_Vet. I was in Air Force, and a Vet also. Been around guns since the 1960's.

    I didn't say you're stupid. You in your own statement said you always find the barrel end lazer loose and not accurate, compared to a chamber lazer----not me. I was only pointing out, maybe it's not being use correctly.

    (ALL) lazers used for getting a bullet on paper are not pin-point accurate. When I say "on-paper", that means within 6" of bullseye target.

    You like the in-chamber lazer method, that's fine. I don't have that type system. I use a muzzle lazer and have for over 10yrs. Up until that time, I've used every method there has been used. Different methods, but still same results, and better advancements each time for saving the shooter time in getting his equipment slightly adjusted for being on-paper. If those adjustments also get one on the bullseye, that's even better.
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    Neither of this chatter is necessary especially from forum supporters. I understand both sides to this conversation & I welcome all advice, opinions, & the help given! There's just no need for a pissing contest especially when the OP, (me) is trying to gain knowledge on where to spend my money wisely.

    Thank You All!